Qualify for Clinical Research Studies on High Cholesterol

Acurian Health is a global company that enrols patients for clinical studies. The company is very dedicated to advanced clinical research studies and match patients all over the world for clinical studies. Patients participating in the studies get access to advanced medicines or devices under development. By participating in the studies, patients get no cost care from local doctors, no cost medicines, compensatory payment for travel and time. Moreover, participants help in advanced medical research.

Enrol for Clinical Studies on High Cholesterol

Enrol for Clinical Studies on High CholesterolThere are hundreds of different clinical trials goes on and thousands matching patients are required to perform the clinical studies. Currently, health specialists in US are recruiting people for Acurian Health high cholesterol clinical research studies. If you have a history of high cholesterol and seeing your primary care physician about controlling it and going through medication; you can consider participating in a local research study specifically intended for treating patients suffering from high cholesterol. If you are above 18 and interested, you can apply for it.

It is very simple to enrol for clinical trial with Acurian Health. You have to provide your personal information and health related details; all the information will remain confidential. Follow the steps given in order to enrol for it.

  1. Go to the website at www.acurianhealth.com
  2. Visit the option ‘Studies Now Enrolling’ displayed on top right of the home page.
  3. You will find different categories for clinical studies. Select the category you are interested in. Click on the button ‘See If You Qualify’ button.
  4. A new page will be displayed. Enter your date of birth and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  5. Enter your personal information as asked. Click on the ‘Next’ button.
  6. Select whether you are male or female. Then click on the ‘Next’ button.
  7. Answer the questions related to your health issues. Do as directed and complete the enrolment process.
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You will be sent a notification if you qualify for it. With a view to help you decide on whether should participate, the study doctor and researchers will explain details about the research study. And you will be asked to review an ‘informed consent document’ which describes the clinical research study that includes purpose of the study, duration, procedures and possible known risks and benefits of your participation. If you want to participate, you have to sign it. These studies are regulated through rules set by the US health authorities and do follow a protocol. You will also receive compensation of up to $1,000 to cover for expenses made in travelling to doctor’s appointments and time spent for it. If you qualify, it will be great as you will receive medical attention from a High Cholesterol Specialist as well as advanced medication and great care.

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