Rear View Camera System for Cars, Motorhome and Other Vehicle

Rear View Safety Car Camera System Review

Rear View camera is alternatively called as a backup camera or reversing camera. It is the type of video camera. It is designed to attach to the rear of the vehicle as to aid in the backing up to diminish the blind spot. In the older vehicles, you might not get the rear-view camera. But nowadays most of the car models launched built with a rear view camera. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations has announced in March 2014 that all new automobiles would have been required to have a backup camera by 2018.

It is the safety aid for you while you are driving backing up and avoid anything in backing. It helps you to drive safely. If you already owned the car and haven’t a rear view camera you can install it by purchasing from the market. When you are going to purchase it you should have to keep some points in your mind and get the best one for your car. Here are some buying guidelines were given which help you to pick the best rear view camera as mention below:

One should have to check out and understand all the important features before buying the rear view camera. One of the most considerable features is the automatic system switching. It is the ability of camera automatically switching on whenever your car is reversing. It connects with the backup light circuit of the vehicle and sends a signal to a rear view camera and it will automatically switch on without any action of the driver.

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Many a time this feature is not available in the camera. Thus driver will require switching it on whenever you want to see behind. So it is recommended that always buy a rear view camera with the feature of automatic system switching.

Check out another important feature is a wide angle field of view. The larger the image sensor of the rear view camera it is more possible to see a wider field of view.

Ensure the mirror image capability of the system. A rear view camera is able to produce a mirror of the backing up with the help of monitor or camera. So make sure that a camera or a monitor is capable of picking the image of the reversing back image produced. There are two types of monitors available such as CRT (cathode ray tube) and LCD (liquid crystal display). In the modern rear view camera, a LCD monitor is used mostly. If you are thinking to buy LCD monitor camera then chose the TFT-LCD (thin film transistor) type monitor. LCD type monitor is comparatively lighter and thinner than the CRT type monitors.

Generally, there are four types of a rear view camera includes license, flush, surface, and side. All have the different advantages and disadvantages. Consider all these and choose the one which is best for you. After all, it’s all about your safety.

Remember one thing that a rear view camera is to be installed on the outer side of your vehicle. Thus it should be protected from the water, snow, oil, dust, road grime and storm. It should be weather resistant camera, cables, and connector as to protect from all these mentioned above.

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Check out all these features and pick the best one as per your requirements and suitable to your budget.

Here are some best quality rearview cameras provided as mention below:

  • Master Lock back up camera
  • Clover rears view color system
  • Pyle 3.5 inch monitor wireless back up
  • Sony rearview camera
  • Peak wireless back up camera
  • Pioneer Universal rearview camera
  • Bravo view license plate mounted rearview camera
  • Kenwood Universal rear view camera

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