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Find Cash Near You at ATM Location: After effects of demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupees notes have created trouble for many. There have been long queues in front of ATMs for getting the new or valid currency for survival. Many times, few ATMs go out of order or cash which increases the problem for common men. However, there are few hashtags on social media wherein people have come forward to help people in trouble.

Also, now Google has come up to help people. One will now be able to find information about the ATMs from the homepage of Google India. For this purpose, Google has added a button below the search button called ‘Find An ATM Near You’.

One has to click on this option and Google Map will be opened. On the left side, there will be a list of ATM. This list is shown according to your location. You can navigate and reach the ATM of your choice.

It is really troublesome when a person stands outside and ATM for hours and then comes to know that it has gone out of cash. Hence one can use various apps that help a person in avoiding such situations. Some of these apps are as below:

CMS ATM Finder – CMS company manages around 55000 ATMs in India. One can enter the website and get information about the ATMs after entering one’s location. The information with this site is limited as it manages 55000 ATMs.

Walnut – With the help of Walnut app, one can find working ATMs. There are various others features too, with the help of which you can share the information of cash in ATMs with others. You can also keep a record of your spending with this app. This app has a website named that helps to track an ATM with cash.

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locATM – A user from social media site Reddit has made this app. This app is very easy to use. This is a crowd-sourced app and one can tell others which ATM has cash.

Cashnocash – The user interface of this website is very easy. One has to simply enter the pin code of the area and list of ATM will be displayed. One will also know which ATM is not working and which one has cash.

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