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Harris Teeter Weekly Specials AD –

Now check Harris teeter weekly ad shopping list, weekly ad preview and seafood specials at one place. Don’t you think, from when this departmental store or super market store concept has been arrived, your shopping became quite worth. This is because shopping in supermarket stores helps saving both time and money. Why and how that we will check as we will move further in our discussion here.

Do you know why people prefer mostly do shopping of grocery, dairy, bakery and other routine products from supermarket stores? This is because you will always find there some discount offers and sale on selected products. In fact some of the supermarket store chain also offers discount deals most of the weeks. These types of discount deals are known as weekly specials. Let’s discuss about Harris Teeter weekly specials or weekly ads. To know about Harris Teeter see the below given details about company.

About Harris Teeter:

After above discussion you will surely came to know that Harris Teeter is a supermarket chain. The complete name of the company is Harris Teeter Supermarkets Inc. It is an American supermarket chain operating from Matthews, North Carolina. However at the time when company was founded it was based at Charlotte, North Carolina. In year 1936, company was founded by William Thomas Harris and Willis L. Teeter. Company was formed by the merger of two regional grocery stores. In year 2014, the very popular Kroger Company has acquired Harris Teeter.

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However Harris Teeter kept its name, brand and headquarters in Matthews only. Even after being a subsidiary of Kroger, Harris Teeter doing business with its own name and brand only. Currently there are more than chain of 235 stores are operating by Harris Teeter in seven states of the United States. The areas served by Harris Teeter include North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. More than 25,300 people are working with the company at all seven states mentioned here above. Not only retails stores but grocery, frozen food, and perishable distribution centers in Greensboro, Indian Trail, as well as a dairy in High Point, North Carolina owns by Harris Teeter.

The best customer service is the motto of the company since it was founded. Till the date customer service is the top priority of Harris Teeter. All the associates working with company are giving their best to do so. If you will check then you will come to know that in Harris Teeter stores all products have kept in separate department. So, for your need of product you have to visit related department only.

You can see departments like Butchers Market, Harris Teeter Farmers Market, Harris Teeter Fisherman Market, Harris Teeter Fresh Food Market, Harris Teeter Pharmacy and The Flower Gallery. You can easily find your products in these sections. Along with their own brand of Harris Teeter, many other popular brands’ products are available at stores as well as online.

Just because the customers of Harris Teeter can save on their shopping, Harris Teeter most of the weeks offers weekly specials to the customers. While shopping on weekly specials, customers can save big on their entire shopping. In fact, if you will check then you can come to know at the end of year you have saved hundreds of dollars by shopping on weekly specials. It is very easy to know about Harris Teeter weekly specials or weekly ads.

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You just have to go to the official website of the company and click on the link blinking with “Weekly Specials”. Click on this link will take you to the page where you will ask to enter your email address to get started. Press “Submit” button once you entered your email address. For more convenience of customer to find a nearby Harris Teeter store where weekly specials are going on, it provides you store locator service too.

Once you served with all ongoing weekly ads, you can select your products and start saving. Well, always keep in mind that because of these are weekly specials, deals are applicable for the given week period time only. So, before buying products, make sure that weekly specials are applicable or not?

Take a look at given some of the weekly specials deals offered by Harris Teeter.

Harris Teeter Weekly AD Shopping List
Harris Teeter Weekly Specials AD

As you can see, there are almost on all given products, BOGO offer is there. So, in paying for one you are getting two products. What else you want?? Where else you will get such offers most of the weeks? Just make a list of products you require and start shopping on Harris Teeter weekly specials and start big savings now!!!!

In case you need any guidance or advice then customer service center of Harris Teeter are always there to help you. You can contact on given numbers on website as well as via mail or email too.

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