Sign Up Reservation Rewards or Cancel Membership Guide

About Reservation Rewards

Reservation Rewards Cancel: It is a loyalty and revenue program. It gives a chance to become a member and earn money, and also offer discounts on specified products and services in the United States and Canada. Reservation Rewards is for residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and the Virgin Islands whose age is at least 18 years. According to, Membership Fee for every member is $12.

The main function of the Reward card is protection which includes credit card fraud protection, trip delay protection, movie ticket discounts, hotel overbooking protection, 24-hour road and town protection and also allows shopping discounts.

For any discrepancy or queries, Customer service assistance is available for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can call or email to solve any issues or to get an answer related to member and future member questions. Sometimes members believe that membership is canceled automatically free trial period. But it is not true. To cancel a membership, a member must contact Reservation Rewards verbally or in writing.

Cancel Reservation Rewards Membership

Reservation Rewards carry heavy monthly charges which are remains unused many times. People, who are not aware of cancellation process, generally avoid canceling because it seems like a terrific task. If you simply know signing up a process, you will easily cancel it. By following below steps, your membership with Reservation Rewards and a troublesome monthly charge will be no longer.

Procedure to Cancel Reservation Rewards

  1. To cancel Reservation Rewards online, collect all your customer information. Then, go to the Terms of Service web page of Reservation Rewards. If you did not sign up for this service, then you can call their customer service division at 800-732-7031. A representative will help you and guide. He would not be able to cancel your membership but show a way how to do that.
  2. At the Terms of Service web page, click on the link shows as 24 hours cancellation center. This link will only access after login. follow the instructions on the page to cancel membership. If you provide any confirmation or cancellation number, note it down for future use or for any future charge.
  3. You can also follow the cancellation procedure on a phone by calling on 800-732-7031 and follow the prompt to cancel your membership. With the cancellation, you will automatically lose any benefits or discounts that you had gained with the membership.
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