Social Security Administration Login for SSN Registration or Check the Status of SSN Application

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Social Security Administration Login

Social Security Number comprises nine digits. It is issued to U.S. citizens, permanent citizens and working residents in the United States under the Social Security Act. It is issued by the social Security Administration. It is an independent agency of the U.S. government. Here we discuss on Social security administration login steps for easy online SSN registration or check the status of SSN application form.

The purpose of the SSN is to track the accounts of individuals within the purview of social security program as well as for taxation and another purpose also. It’s just like a social security of individual in U.S. In this nine-digit number the first three numbers identify about your area of location at birth, the second two numbers are the group numbers which identify your location specifically within your area and the last four numbers are called serial number which doesn’t give any specific identity.

Many a time hospitals, banks, and business firms used your SSN to track your personal information as to make their records very easily. It is often used when you filing taxation forms, US passport procedure, purchase saving bonds or shares, getting medical insurance and opening bank accounts. It gives the full information about person’s credit history. It is advised that parents should apply for a social security number at the time of the birth of your child.

How to get Social Security Number (SSN)?

Social Security Administration provides a Social Security Number to you. You should fill the form SS-5 to make application to get SSN. You can get all information for SSN from social Security Office of your town or city. You should submit an application online by providing all necessary information. There is no charge for making application for SSN.

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Generally, you will get your SSN within the 2 or 3 weeks. You will get a printed card which contains nine digits social security number. You should preserve it at a safe place as you care for your other important documents. If you lost it you can replace it from your nearest social security office of your town or city.

How to Protect Your SSN?

It’s an age of the internet. Hackers can easily catch your SSN and access all your personal information. Hackers might transfer funds or make withdrawals from your bank account or make a loan application by using your name. One should always check his/her bank account and credit card account periodically to track any misuse activity with your account. You should be very careful about your SSN number as it is very beneficial and important for you.

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