Sony Rewards Account Sign Up – Add Points to Sony Rewards

How to Add Points to Sony Rewards Account

Sony Rewards Account Sign Up: Sony Electronics provides a feature of earning points with purchases and other playing tasks. The points you have earned can be redeemed for various purposes. You can purchase from an audio CD to a Sony PlayStation3 to an HDTV as well as Sony products, PlayStation games, Movies and music, Exclusive VIP experiences and much more. Here we discuss in our short guide to add reward points to Sony rewards account.

Sony Rewards

The Sony Rewards Program connects you with Sony. You earn points every time for doing the things like going to movies and purchasing Sony products and use those points to get great Sony merchandise and experiences. You can earn at least one point with every dollar spend at Sony Store online. You can earn even more for bonus offers.

Process of collecting points to Sony Rewards

  • First, open your internet browser and sign up for Sony credit card. At every purchase with Sony credit card online or in person, you will earn points.
  • If you purchase from Sony Stores, you will earn five times more points. A number of points depend on the time and the product you are purchasing.
  • Login to your Sony Rewards Accounts and play the daily Wheel of Fortune game. You will earn additional points every day you play the game.
  • Through the Sony Rewards website, sign up for services. Many times you are offered trial versions for products or accessories which add more rewards points in your account. There is no obligation on purchasing the trial accessories.
  • You can also redeem these points on Sony products, PlayStation games, Movies and music, Exclusive VIP experiences and many more products.
  • Points you earned are automatically added to your account.

    Sony Rewards Points Value
    Sony Rewards Points

Other ways to Earn Points

  1. You can earn one point per $1 shopping at Sony Store online.
  2. If you use a Sony credit card for payment at Sony Store online, you will Earn 5 times more points.
  3. You can earn up to 200 points when you log in and upload two tickets.
  4. You can earn up to 250 points when you play and share the games.
  5. Earn 15 points by watching and interact with the Looper Video+ Trailer. You will earn more 15 points by sharing it with your friends.
  6. Link your Sony Rewards account to a Sony Store account to make it even easier to earn points the next time you shop.

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