Steps to Upgrade your Walmart Card to a Walmart Discover

How to Upgrade your Walmart Card to a Walmart Discover

If you have a Walmart card and wish to upgrade it to Walmart Discover. You can do this by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Take your Walmart card in your hand and call 1-877-294-7880 and talk to the customer service representative on the other side.

2. Now, ask for an upgrade from the representative. Both above mentioned cards are issued by GE Consumer Finance. Hence in some cases the representativesupgrade the card and send it to the customer. On being upgraded, Walmart card will not be valid.

3. If the representative on other side says that your card cannot be upgraded on the phone then you need to fill a new application. This can be done on the Walmart store or online at

4. One you have filled the form, wait for some time. You will get approval or denial of credit. This procedure will take only around 30 seconds if you are doing it online. You may be denied the Discover card in case your credit history is not long, had late payments or have any other red flag on your application or credit report.

5. In case if you are denied of the Discover card then try to strengthen your credit rating and then apply again. Try to pay all the payments on time for many months, on your credit cards and rent or mortgage. In case you carry a balance pay it off. Make small purchases with the help of your credit card and then pay it off soon.

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So if you wish to upgrade your current Walmart card to Discover card, follow the above mentioned steps and do the needful. Upgrading on phone is easy and quick but if that is not possible in your case apply by filling form in the Walmart store or applying online. You may also visit home page of this website for more news.

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