Summer Activities Bucket List Ideas for Teenage, College Students and Couples

Summer Activities Bucket List Ideas for Teenage, College Students and Couples

Summer bucket list: Teenage, college students and couples can do lots of things to make life filled with fun, thrilling activities, joy. Weather is real nice and you have long sunny days to have bucket list full of ideas.

Summer Bucket List Idea for Teenage and College Students

Teenagers are full of energy and are full of adventure spirits. They can participate in any of the activities they desire for. Some of the bucket list ideas are:

  • Make a plan and visit places you desire for. There are wonderful destinations world over. You can enjoy a plethora of activities filled with fun and excitement. You can go to nearby destination or far. You can also go long drive on a weekend.
  • Teenagers who love adventurous activities such as hiking, tracking, water surfing, wind surfing, paragliding, scuba diving etc can plan for it. Summer is the best time to enjoy these thrill and fun filled activities.
  • If you love others to know your city, you can be a tourist guide for your city.
  • You can prepare a good scrape book of your childhood memories or school memories.
  • If you have passion for some art, sport or something else and like to participate in competition, you can prepare well for it, participate and win the competition.
  • If you are interested in learning something such as origami, painting, dancing, singing, baking etc, you can join some learning institute that nurture your interest.
  • If you are kind natured, you can visit orphanage or old age home and spend some time with them, listen to them, share some ideas and much more. You can also join for some charity work.
  • We all are so used to internet and just can’t go without it. Just think of doing without it for a day or two and get involved in some other activity. Similarly, you can go without TV.
  • If you are interested in reading, you can read some good books. Reading biography of renowned people, you get a chance to walk through their life. It is much inspiring and it may happen that it helps you find mission of your life.
  • You can do some do-it-yourself projects.
  • You can go and enjoy shopping.
  • You can watch some wonderful movies.
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Summer Bucket List for Couples

Couples can go through some exciting summer activities, have fun and make their relationship stronger. They can do some crazy thins too. Some of the bucket list ideas are:

Summer Bucket List for Couples

  • Go on stargazing date.
  • Take dance classes together.
  • Have a long drive.
  • Go to the beach and spend sometime together.
  • Go to watch movie in a drive-in cinema.
  • Go to camp, do some crazy things such as watch sunset on a hood of the car, dance together in a campfire, carve your initials in the tree.
  • Go together for a long drive, cycling, kayaking etc.
  • Plan a cruise trip, adventurous trip etc.
  • Enjoy little things such as sharing ice-cream, shake etc.
  • Give a new look to your bedroom.
  • Try some new things.
  • Spend the whole day just in a bedroom.
  • Make any day a special day.
  • Go for crazy shopping.

Doing summer activities you are interested in makes your life richer and filled with joy.

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