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Comcast Digital Preferred TV Upgrade

Updating Comcast TV Boxes/Modems: TV is an essential source of entertainment. The world of television is growing clear day by day; every day there is a new invention in TV. From traditional TV to OLED’s there is a difference of clarity. TV is clearer if the service is clear. Service providers are a big issue on the clarity of TV. Comcast is providing same for a long time. The service is enjoyed by millions of people.

Their service is now gonna be more enjoyable when they are gonna start with their Digital Service www.comcast.com/digitalnow activate. The company is updating with this service to all the subscribers for free. Digital TV provides a much better quality, for both picture and sound than traditional TV.

Comcast works hard to provide their subscribers the best that too in a possible way. The main reason to upgrade all subscribers to digital TV for free was that they just want to make them happy. Upgrade to service is free and no more extra charge to your monthly bill will be added. You may get more channels with the upgrade and from time to time.

What Is Comcast The World of More?

Comcast The World of More
Comcast The World of More

Comcast The World of More is the initiative taken by the company to upgrade old subscribers to digital TV. Digital TV subscriber gets over 3,000 high definition TV channels according to the plan they have opted. This company has the much better picture and sound quality, programs on demand, and plenty of other features are there to entertain Comcast Subscriber.

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What about the costing of the product?

The cost of the product is totally free to the subscribers of Comcast. This update won’t add charges to your billing. Subscribers need to order and receive a digital set top box, two digital adapters from Comcast, which is essential to update. The procedure of ordering is mentioned below.

How to Update To Comcast The World of More?


  • A computer with active internet access is required.
  • One who is applying should be a Comcast TV subscriber.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Go to Comcast The World of More website i.e. http://www.comcast.com/digitalnow.
  2. Now following the instructions, enter all the detail when and where required.
  3. Enter your Comcast account number, click on the button “Start.”
  4. Reading and following the web page, Order digital equipment from Comcast for the upgrade.
  5. Once you receive the equipment by anyway, you need to use the self-install kit which will be present with the box itself, to get started.

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