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United Home Life Insurance Company Review

United Home Life Insurance is a subsidiary of United Farm Family Life. It is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company has performed consistently over the years in terms of financial stability and has $20 billion of life insurance policies to its credit.

United Life Insurance Login

The United Life Insurance login offers quality life insurance products. It requires no physical examination as it offers a ‘guaranteed issue policy. It also offers an additional immediate death benefit with the whole life insurance policy.

There are several United Life insurance plans for you to choose from. Following discussed are the different plans offered:

Whole Life Insurance

Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance: The way the name suggests it covers you for your whole life. The plan offers a guaranteed death benefit and cash value that grows over the time for which you make payment. The premium you have to pay remains fixed and never goes up.

It requires no bodily exams, no bodily fluid testing, and not many health questions to answer. It is available with the coverage of up to $5,000 – $100,000 to those aged 20-60; whereas for the age group 60-80, the coverage available is up to $50,000. You can add riders to it such as accidental death, terminal illness accelerated, and many more.

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Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance: Guaranteed issue whole life plan is the simplest life insurance plan of all; it doesn’t require any physical examination, no blood test, and no health questions to answer. It is an endowment plan and the benefit is paid on maturity or on the death of the insured.

Provider Whole Life Insurance

This policy can be purchased for aged between18-80. It doesn’t require any medical examination or blood testing. The policy benefits include an accidental death benefit and terminal illness accelerated death benefit.

Provider Life can be a great starter for your children or grandchildren. It is permanent insurance at a cost-effective price. You can lock in low rates for them to protect their future; it includes no cost guaranteed insurability benefit rider.

Term Life Insurance

There are two types of term life insurance: Straight term life and Return-of-Premium (ROP) term life insurance. Straight Term Life Insurance offers coverage for a defined period of time at a defined premium. After the term, the premium will be increased annually.

Both the term policy has the same features except ROP has an added flexibility that can provide a refund of premiums at the end of terms for all the premiums paid. If premiums are paid, the coverage terminates. There are four plans: Simple Term 20, Simple term 30, Simple Term 20 ROP, and Simple Term 20 DLX.

You can add accidental death benefit coverage to existing term insurance plans.

United Home Life Insurance Report a Claim

You can report a claim online. It is much more convenient to report a claim. It is processed in a few business days. You can also check the status of the claim.

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United Home Life Insurance Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding United Life insurance, you can call at 800-428-3001. You can also send an email at [email protected]. For any further information, you can visit the website www.unitedhomelife.com.

If you want to purchase life insurance without going through any medical examination and at a compatible rate, you can consider United Home Life! Read more articles on wink24news.

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