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Activate Sprint’s ‘Better Choice XXL Plan’ with Free One Year Amazon Prime Membership

Activate Sprint’s Better Choice XXL Plan

Sprint Offers New `Better Choice XXL Plan’ with Free One Year Amazon Prime Membership

Sprint has introduced a new plan known as Better Choice XXL plan. To attract customers to this plan, company has offered a free year of Amazon Prime membership. The new plan is available to existing as well as to new customers.

The new Better Choice XXL plan costs $100 per month foe 40 GB data. With this plan, sprint is giving a free 12 month membership to Amazon Prime which costs $99.

The new plan offers healthy data. It comes up with high speed data which can be used by entire family. The plan also includes unlimited talk and text.

The new plan gives double data limit for the same price as compared to Verizon. One also gets mobile hotspot, Sprint Global Roaming and free unlimited texting in U.S.

You can get the plan from bricks and mortar store and can also sign up online by calling 1800-SPRINT 1. Once the plan is activated you are ready to enjoy free Amazon Prime immediately.

Customers are always attracted to such offers. We have to wait and watch, whether this scheme too attract customers towards the new Better Choice XXL plan.

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