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Short Term Health Insurance Plans / Providers / Companies / Reviews

Best Temporary Health Insurance Coverage During Times of Transition

Short Term Health Insurance Pros and Cons Best Temporary Health Insurance: A short term health insurance provides protection against the medical costs of the unexpected sickness or accidents. It provides an affordable solution for individuals and family. It usually covers preventive care, dental care, physical care, immunization care and vision care. It’s the insurance which… Read More

Can You make Monthly Payments to the IRS

Tips To Stall IRS When It Collects Back Taxes

How To Stall IRS When It Collects Back Taxes? Back taxes are those which have been unpaid when due. Generally, it accumulates interest and penalties on a regular basis. A law of the tax becomes more and more complicated day by day. Many taxpayers are not able to pay the tax amount as it increases… Read More

Are Legal Fees for Estate Planning Tax Deductible

Which Type of Legal Fees can Deductible From Tax?

Whether Your Legal Fees are Deductable From Tax The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows taxpayers whether individuals or companies to deduct legal fees in a certain situation. So the question is which type of legal fees can deductible from tax? Here are the guidelines were given which legal fees could be deducted as prescribed below.… Read More

How much can You Contribute to a SEP IRA?

SEP IRA Retirement Plan – Ways to Set Up Simplified Employee Pension IRA

SEP IRA Retirement Plan Rules The Simplified Employee Pension IRA is a retirement plan which is set up by the employers or self-employed individuals. Generally, it is the basic retirement plan option for the small businesses and provides benefits to owners as well as employees. A name Simplified Employee Pension Plan implies itself that its plan… Read More

Canadian Last Minute Travel Insurance

Advantages of Last Minute Health Insurance Policy

Last minute Health Insurance Shoppers Get 1 Day Extension Last minute Health Insurance policy: Obamacare administration has extended a deadline and the website contains total 36 states in U.S. Before the deadline of enrollment for health insurance comes near, there was a heavy traffic on its website. The crush was remaining in next day… Read More