4 Reasons To Think About Your Medicare Plan

Medicare Advantage Plan Star Ratings and Bonus Payments

For people, it is difficult to switch from one Medicare Advantage programme to another without knowing limits or conditions. They can buy another plan instead of renewing current plan if they feel more coverage with a new plan. Government’s ‘Medicare database’ provides such options to check the possibilities.

1) Consider Your Drugs:

Review selected prescription drug plan- Medicare Part D. The most important thing to consider is the shrinking “doughnut hole.” Previously, if a person spent more than $2,830 on drugs in one year, he would hit a gap in coverage known as the doughnut hole. At that point, he would have to pay all his own drug costs until he spent a total of $6,440 per year, then coverage would kick back in.

There is a calculator to determine the benefits. For this, insert all drugs that you are taking and the calculator will provide the cost per dosage, the doughnut hole, and a list of lowest cost drug plans at pharmacies in a neighborhood. Obverse well each drug price reflects on a calculator.

2) Be Prepared to Spend More:

Every year the cost of Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage will rise. A single person with incomes above $85,000 and couples with adjusted gross incomes above $170,000 have to pay more for prescription drug coverage in the year 2011. Before choosing a plan, look out for overall lower costs.

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3) Take Advantage of New Preventive Care:

In New Preventive Care, every person who is enrolled will be provided free wellness exam every year. In this programme, free cancer, and diabetes screenings is also included. Make an appointment with a doctor and take advantage of free checking.

4) Reconsider Your Medicare Advantage Plan:

There are major changes in a Medicare Advantage plan which will cost more than regular Medicare in the hands of taxpayers. Use the government’s calculator to check changes in a plan if you are enrolling with Medicare Advantage plan.

A major benefit of Medicare Advantage plan is that doctor can’t charge more than Medicare plan. People also find traditional Medicare with a Medigap policy without high premiums and a long-term limit on a pre-existing condition. But remember, Traditional Medicare with Medigap doesn’t cover vision or dental which is cover under most of the Medicare Advantage plan. Therefore, a person has to buy a separate Part D prescription drugs coverage for taking advantage of dental and vision.

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