Charitable Clinics for People With No Health Insurance: Uninsured Care Program

Free Mobile Clinics Draw Crowds of Uninsured Population

Remote Area Medical (RAM) is a volunteer-powered nonprofit that organizes about 20 mobile expeditions annually which gives free weekend treatment to treat America’s uninsured people. Here we discuss on Charitable Clinics for people with no health insurance and Uninsured Care Program.

As per one report, 46 million Americans citizens have no health insurance and millions more have coverage with high deductibles or huge gaps in coverage, therefore, they can’t afford medical costs out of their pocket.

Hundreds of people stand in line in front of the local high school on a Saturday in Maryville, Tenn., in order to get staff doctor’s service. The majority of treatments are provided at Maryville clinic and many of the patients came to cure their chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. All doctors, physicians, dentists and nurses are here volunteers of U.S. public health service workers, who provided health information and flu shots in the hallways, besides helping treat people.

A medical patient of Lenoir City said that she had lost her insurance policy before three years ago and she couldn’t afford to go to a doctor. Her husband is working and also covered with health insurance but the premium is too costly to add her to the policy. There was a self-employed man who needed dental care for his cracked tooth, therefore, he came to free medical clinic.

The same medical service care is also provided in Africa, Honduras since 1985 after seeing the absence of medical care in the Amazon. However, many states don’t allow medical professionals without a license in that state to provide care at a free clinic. Because of this hurdle, though there is a need of lot doctors, forcefully they have to turn away.

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The organization helped in vision area also. There is a long row of people in chairs along a hallway. Patients received a prescription for their problem and then picked out frames among dozens of choices from a table. The lenses were ground in a large truck parked outside. At the end of the line, people were fitted by technicians and walked away with a pair of glasses.

For dental care also, an organization have well-established tools to give as much as high dental treatment. In a weekend, average 842 patients take advantage of RAM’s Maryville medical service which cost $240,000. Around 696 teeth are extracted and 399 pairs of glasses made in the weekend. Generally, people with no job or can’t afford expensive surgeries and without health insurance are taking advantage of this weekend camp.

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