Advantage of eating Grams – Sprouted, Boiled or Roasted Chana Benefits

Health benefits of eating Grams (Chana)

Grams are cheap and easily available in the market and are very beneficial to health. Black grams whether boiled, roasted, cooked or sprouted, are all beneficial to health. It has carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, calcium, iron, and vitamins in good quantity. Grams should be taken every morning as it is very nutritious. Let’s have a look at why Chana is very beneficial to health:

1. Eating black grams (chana) are the most nutritious. Sprouted black grams are a good source of chlorophyll, Vitamins A, D, C, B and K, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and minerals. No extra preparation is needed to eat it. It can be soaked overnight and can be consumed the next morning to get benefits.

2. Fiber present in grams is very useful in digestion. By eating grams that are soaked overnight, one gets relief from constipation. For relief in constipation, strain the water from soaked grams and add salt, ginger and cumin powder. Also, the strained water is very beneficial, it can also be consumed. To get relief from constipation, eat grams along with the outer covering.

3. Eating black grams daily in the morning not only makes you fit but also gives energy. Mix salt, lemon, ginger and black pepper in overnight soaked Chana and has it in the morning. This is very beneficial to the body. One can also consume sattu of grams. Drinking sattu of grams by mixing lemon and salt not only gives energy to the body but also relieves hunger.

4. Kidney and gall bladder stones have become a common problem due to drinking contaminated water. One in three people has this stone problem. In grams soaked overnight mix honey and eat. This decreases the possibility of stone and even if it is there it gets easily removed from the body. Rotis made by mixing wheat flour and gram sattu also relieve the problem.

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5. Chana not only gives energy to the body but it also decreases extra glucose in the body which is useful to diabetic patients. For tips purpose, Chana should be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. Gram sattu gives relief in diabetes. Having 1-2 fist of grams controls blood sugar also.

6. If a person has anemia that is a deficiency of iron in the body then in that case too it is very useful. Add honey in grams and consume daily. It rich in iron controls anemia to a great extent. It has 27% phosphorus and 28% iron. This not only increases blood cells but hemoglobin too.

7. If a person is troubled by continues hiccups then dried leaf of Chana can be burnt and the smoke will give relief from hiccups. It very beneficial for intestine diseases also.

8. If in a fever a person gets more sweating then roasted chana should be powdered and add carom seeds. Now massage using this mixture. This will eradicate the problem. Consumption of roasted grams also gives relief to the problem of frequent urination. Eating the mixture of grams and jaggery gives relief in any problem related to urine. Consumption of roasted grams gives relief in piles too.

9. Eating overnight soaked grams in pottery is very beneficial to males. It helps in eradicating many male related problems. For quick relief, one must also drink milk with it. Consuming soaked grams with honey is very beneficial too.

10. It is not only beneficial to health but for skin too. One can increase face glow by consuming it. By mixing turmeric in gram flour also increase glow of the skin. This is often used for infants too.

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Hence grams, especially the black one, are a great source of different nutrients. Hence it should be consumed often for health benefits. You can consume it as a salad or as the course. Have it for breakfast or dinner or drink the sattu made out of it. Sprouted grams are great too. Include one or other Chana form in your daily food routine and see the magic it does to your body.

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