All About Medicare Part B:

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B is medical insurance and a part of your original Medicare. Actually, Medicare Part A and Part B together are original Medicare. As per the US federal government act, every US citizen gets eligible for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, once they turn of the age 65.

Certain disabled citizens are also eligible for it. It provides coverage for medical services and supplies needed by the citizen for the diagnosis and treatment of most health problems.

The medical services provided includes visiting a doctor’s clinic, inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing facility, hospital stay, and other facilities related to health.

Some of the services such as custodial care, denture, and dental care, eye examinations related to prescribing glasses, cosmetic surgery, acupuncture, routine foot care, hearing aids, etc. are not covered through Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

To cover prescription drug advantages and other health services not covered through Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B, you can also purchase additional plans such as Medicare Part C or Medicare part D which have various options.

Benefits through Medicare Part B

There are certain benefits you get as a Medicare part B beneficiary. Some of the medical services you get are laboratory tests and X-rays, ambulance service in case of emergency, doctor’s visits, some medical equipment, etc. Some of the preventive diagnostic test offered is flu shots, Pap test, screening, etc. It supports inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization for mental health.

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You can also take a second opinion before surgery. The medical part B coverage even includes preventive care or diagnostic test to figure out health issues at an early stage. Medicare Part B also covers limited outpatient prescription drugs.

If needed, you can also avail rehabilitation services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, etc.

To find out if Medicare covers what you want

Medicare coverage is mainly decided by three factors, Federal and State laws, Medicare coverage decisions, and decisions made by claim process companies in each state. So, directly or indirectly it is decided by where you stay.

If you are in need of certain health services or supplies and don’t know whether it is covered in Medicare Part B or not, you can ask Medicare or you can even talk to your doctor.

Medicare Part B costs

You have to pay a monthly premium as well as a yearly deductible for Medicare part B. Every year the premium and deductibles amounts are decided by the Centre for Medicare and Medical Services (CMS) and change every year. You pay the deductible for the out-of-pocket expense before the Medicare plan starts sharing the cost of your health services.

Once the deductible starts paying, you just have to pay copayments for the Medicare-approved amount for a specific health service, usually about 20% of the total cost. For the year 2015, the monthly premium is about $104.90 and the yearly deductible is $147.

The monthly premium is higher if your monthly income is above a certain threshold income limit. You have to get enrolled for Medicare Part B during the specific enrollment period; otherwise, you will end up paying a late enrollment penalty every year.

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The penalty increases by 10% for every 12-month period. The enrollment period is usually from October 7 to December 15 each year. You don’t need to enroll for Medicare part B if you have any other health coverage such as an employer-sponsored group insurance plan through you or your spouse.

You can enroll for Medicare Part B when you stop working or when the health coverage ends. You don’t even need to pay any penalty, just sign up during the enrollment period.

Some of the preventive services are offered for which you don’t need to pay any cost even if the deductible is not met.

Finding a right plan

If you want to know anything about the Medicare plan or want any help, you can speak to Medicare Licensed Insurance Agent at 1-844-847-2659 between 8 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Friday. You can also leave a message on holidays or weekends.

You will receive a return call on the next business day. If you want any help or guidelines regarding the right plan, the Medicare agent will help you.

You can also visit the website or It is very easy to navigate the website and you will find information about what are Medicare plans, what it covers and what not, how to manage your health, other supplement plans, how to process the claim, etc.

If you have reached age 65 or have a certain disability, you make sure you are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B and get benefits with all the health services and supplies to leave a healthy life. Read more articles on wink24news.

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