Amazon Prime Family Membership UK: Share Prime with Family & Friends

How to Share Amazon Prime: How to Share Prime with Family & Friends

Share Amazon prime family membership the UK: Amazon Prime is a service offered by Amazon at the rate of $99 per year that includes free one-day free shipping on Amazon Prime-eligible products, Amazon Prime Instant Video TV streaming service, Prime Music streaming, discounts, exclusive deals and Kindle Lending Library access.

Users can share their Amazon Prime membership with one other adult and up to four children. This sharing of Amazing Prime with family and friends is very beneficial as Amazon Prime Day comes up with thousands of deals. You can find out more about it from complete guide provided by Amazon.

How to Share Amazon Prime

It is very simple to share your Amazon Prime membership. To share your membership, you must have signed up to your account Amazon Prime. It is an easy process and you can do it online in few minutes. Once signed up, you can sign in to your account anytime, access it, share it and manage it. Following given are the steps on how you can do it.

How to Create an Amazon Prime Account

  • Go to the website at .
  • Click on “Your Account” displayed at the upper right corner of the home page.
  • A Sign In window will be displayed. Click on the link “Create Your Amazon Account” displayed at bottom of the window.
  • Type your name, email and password in the space provided and then click on the “Create Your Amazon Account” button.

    How much is Amazon Prime UK Per Month?
    Amazon Prime Family Membership UK

How to Share Amazon Prime Membership

  1. Sign into your Prime Membership account.
  2. Click on the button “Share your Prime benefits”.
  3. Click on the blue word within the information paragraph that is displayed.
  4. A new “Manage Your Content and Devices” page will be displayed.
  5. You will find “Add an Adult” and “Add a Child” option beneath “Households and Family Library”.
  6. You will have to provide account details of the second adult you want to add by providing details such as email address and password. Then click on ‘Verify Account’.
  7. The second adult you have added will have to confirm that he/she wants to share Amazon content and services, membership benefits, payment methods and management of child profiles.
  8. After confirmation, click on “Create Household” and make a setting for your content sharing.
  9. Click on “Create Your Family Library” to complete the sharing process.

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, share all the benefits with family members and enjoy the benefits.

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