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Certified Services Rebate Card

Apply for GM rebates: General Motors appreciates its customers and offers rebates on genuine parts. Rebates offered through GM certified service parts include GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Buick. Here we will discuss on ‘How to apply for Certified Services Rebate Card?’

GM Certified Rebate Services

GM offers rebate services at There are various tools offered by it. You will also get information about latest current offers. Each offer is associated with rebate code, validity, and the rebate amount. You can claim the rebate online.

Submit Your GM Rebate

You can submit your rebate in different ways as follows.

  • Online scan or upload: You can submit rebate online. You just have to scan the invoice or repair order and upload it.
  • Online and mail-in: You submit the rebate online, print the confirmation page and mail it.
  • Mail-in: You download the rebate form, fill it up and send it through mail.

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    Apply for GM Rebates

Check GM Rebate Status of the Claim

You have already claimed for rebates, you can check a status of it. There are four different options offered in order to check the status.

  • Go to ⦁
  • Click on the “Status Lookup” tab displayed on the menu bar.
  • Four different options offered are submission Id, email, phone, and address. Enter id, for submission id option. If you want email option, click on it and enter an email address in the space provided. If you select phone, then enter your phone number, enter an address if you want to go by it.

View/Print GM Certified Service Rebate Form

You can reprint your rebate form at You can also view your rebate form. You just select search option choosing the method you had opted for making a claim.

If you have received a rebate in the form of a prepaid Visa card with the citi logo on it, you can check your current balance by clicking on “card balance” button located at the bottom of the screen.

If you have any questions related to GM certified services, you can contact customer service at 1-844-656-5369. You can also go to Contact Us page that will display a contact form. You fill it up providing your offer code, invoice number, purchase date, issue, and detailed query and write your correct email id. You will receive a quick reply at through email at the address specified by you. You can also refer to the frequently asked questions, FAQ page.

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