Asurion Cell Phone Insurance Claim Number – How to File or Track a Claim

Asurion Wireless Phone Insurance Claim Review & Complaints

Asurion Phone Claim Number/ATT/Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile: In today’s technological world, Wireless or mobile phones are 24 hours companion for everybody. Here we will discuss on Asurion cell phone insurance claim number/track/cancel/ file process. We also check Asurion Wireless Phone insurance claim review and complaints.The smartphones come quite costly and if lost any time or gone bad, it causes lots of frustration and anxiety.

Isn’t it relaxing if you can claim for your lost phone and get a replacement soon? Yes, you can buy Wireless Phone Protection with Asurion. With Asurion insurance, you can leave your worries and have a peace of mind and feeling of security. You can file a claim in cases like an accidental loss; the phone gets damaged or stolen and can get the replacement at the earliest on being approved.

What Is Asurion Wireless Phone Protection?

Asurion is a popular leading technology protection company and provides insurance coverage for a wireless device and home electric appliances. The mobile protection offers rapid replacement coverage to cell phone users. It also helps with locating phones. Privacy of the information regarding the wireless device is maintained.

The company has a very experienced network of employees and offers wise solutions to its customers. To claim for replacement is quite easy process, you don’t have to go through any paperwork, and you just need to file the claim online. In a very short time period, your claim gets processed and you get a replacement on approval.

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Sometimes you get it in one or two business days only. You just have to file the claim within 60 days of an incident. What a relief on having a wise decision to have your mobile phone protected with Asurion. Without delaying, just get your cell protected!

How to File an Asurion Phone Claim?


  • You must have bought Asurion Wireless Phone Protection for your mobile phone and have got a wireless number to yourself.
  • You must have to file a claim for your lost phone within 60 days of the incident. You can’t claim later than that.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Visit Asurion Phone Claim website within 60 days of the time period from the loss or damage to your mobile.
  2. Select the service provider from the list displayed. Provide all the details you are asked for correctly. Click “File Claim”.
  3. Provide necessary details while filing the claim that includes general information, incident details, device details, shipping address and payment method. Review all the information. Click “Submit” button. Your claim will be processed immediately.

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