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Free Hosting Website Templates: The world of the internet gives one a full opportunity to get a free website online. This is possible with the help of Webs, which is a free web hosting service. The same now is currently offering a wonderful service that offers its customers service allows them to make free websites of their own using templates and a website building kit designed by Webs. The service provided by webs is completely free and it is a guarantee to remain free as long as you use the same. The process of a website is free, simple and straight forward.

By creating your website at webs, you are now able to explore your world to the globe. All it takes is simply sharing your website on the internet. It is not at all creating the website and it is easy to do even if you are zero at the knowledge of computer programming or web programs. There are a website building tool and templates created for your convenience by webs. You need not pay anything for the same as it is absolutely free. This offer is a lifetime offer.

How to make own website at free of cost with

We are required with:

  • A computer with active internet access is required.
  • You must be in had a valid email address.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Switch on the computer.
  2. Double click on the browser you want to get started with.
  3. Now when it gets opened, on the address bar write the address of
  4. Now when the web page gets opened, click on the big green button marked as “Get Started”, you will find this button under the section marked as “Make a free Professional Looking Website Today.
  5. After the last step, all you now do is to get register to the webs by entering your details which are your email address, creating the password, naming your website, and then indicating the type of website you want to have.
  6. You can now choose the theme for your website from the theme menu by simply clicking on the theme you want.
  7. Now you have to tick the boxes to indicate the web pages you want your website to include. At last, click on the button marked as “Create My Website.
  8. That’s all; now complete the whole process as directed.
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For further any queries about creating a website and hosting it, please refer FAQ at

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