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Reviews of Top Child Custody Lawyers in Los Angeles

Best and Affordable child custody lawyers in Los Angeles: Child custody is an emotionally stressful aspect which demands for negotiation either in the court or outside the court. When someone gets divorced or separated and have children, deciding on child custody is a part of the divorce agreement which pertains to deciding with whom and where the children would live. Usually the negotiation doesn’t come easy and you might have to move the court. And you need help from a child custody lawyer who will help you with negotiate the custody, either in the court or through agreement.

The custodial parent holds the legal right to make all the decisions for regarding education, welfare and other important matter. Some of the parents opt for joint custody and they share the rights; they both together take important decisions for their children.

If you are in Los Angeles and unable to agree on child custody, there are several lawyers in your area who specialize in matter related to child custody. Following given are some of the popular child custody lawyers in Los Angeles:

Boyd Law

Boyd Law have experienced and professional lawyers to help with child custody keeping the best interest of the child considering age of the child, stability of parents, ability of the parent to take care of the child and parental history. They understand situation of the parents regarding their children and tries their best to come to amicable agreement.

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Boyd Law

You can call office of Boyd Law at 310.879.1077. You can also write an email to them. You can visit their website at

Fernandez & Karney

Fernandez and Karney specializes family law with over 50 years. They have handled thousands of family cases and they assist child custody cases with their long experience and being considerate about the sensitive child custody matter.

Fernandez & Karney

Whether the child custody is in the context of divorce, separation, move-away cases or child abuse, they handle the cases considering welfare of minors and parental rights.

You can contact lawyers at Fernandez & Karney by calling at (310) 879-0816.

Law Offices of Elena Mebtahi

Elena Mehtabi helps with child custody cases with their experience. They work for the best of the welfare of children and also gives due importance to rights of parents. They offer initial consultation for free. You can discuss your case with them over the phone and don’t need to go to the court or travel. They make effective legal representation in a faster way to resolve family issues and child custody.

You can contact Elena Mebtahi at 310-207-4005. For more information, you can refer to the website at You can also write to them through the link ‘Contact Us’ at the website.

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