Best Temporary Health Insurance Coverage During Times of Transition

Short Term Health Insurance Pros and Cons

Best Temporary Health Insurance: A short term health insurance provides protection against the medical costs of the unexpected sickness or accidents. It provides an affordable solution for individuals and family. It usually covers preventive care, dental care, physical care, immunization care and vision care. It’s the insurance which is nonrenewable. Its term is usually from begins 30 days to 12 months.

The procedure for the short term insurance policy is simple than other renewable insurance. It doesn’t include preexisting medical conditions.

As short term health insurance is not for the long term its benefits are also less robust as compared to a renewable insurance policy.

The cost of this kind of insurance is half as compare to long term health insurance and it also varies from the plan you select.

This temporary insurance plan is suitable for those people like unemployed individuals, college students, foreign travelers who stay for less than twelve months in foreign, individuals or families who can’t afford a long term health insurance policy, self-employed individuals and their families, college students, divorced individuals and their dependents.

You can take short term health insurance policy by consulting insurance agent and get all required information like duration, various health plan options, cost, etc. Go with the best plan which is suitable you and get the benefits of the insurance.

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