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Does Boost Mobile still have Shrinkage Plans?

Boost Mobile $55 monthly unlimited with shrinkage plan: There is a list of companies serving their service and proving it one of the best, but they are not. The companies have different terms and conditions under those if one goes, the customer can save then only. In the market, there is quite a lot of cell phone plans out there that too with different terms to serve different customers. As of being a rational customer, you will always try to be in benefits from the competition, as can get a better deal after comparison. The list of those mobile companies includes Boost Mobile SHRINKAGE. it is an asset of Sprint only.

This deal will let a customer get rewarded for being loyal customers by allowing them to pay the amount less.

About The Boost Mobile SHRINKAGE Plan?

Boost Mobile is a brand owned by Sprint. The company offers the variety of Mobile plans and the one of is Boost Mobile SHRINKAGE Plan. This plan, not only allows the customer to enjoy the services but also let them get rewarded but the way of customer loyalty. With this plan, once you made on-time payments for six months, your monthly bill. Will shrink by $5. What’s more, it is not necessary to pay the 6 consecutive months. The more you are connected with the company, the more is your bill will get lower.

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Boost Mobile SHRINKAGE Plan
Boost Mobile SHRINKAGE Plan

Like 6 month of on time payment, if you stay connected to the company with Twelve months, and pay on time payments, you can save $10 per month, eighteen months save $15 per month. After every 6 months of on-time payment, you will get benefited. The company is only providing this kind of services to customers to let them be aware what they should opt for a package. By connecting with The Boost Mobile SHRINKAGE, there are lots more to come for loyal customers.

How to Activate Boost Mobile SHRINKAGE to Save Money?


  • A computer with active internet access is required.
  • A Boost Mobile wireless phone number is required to get connected.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Go to the Boost Mobile website
  2. Click on the section saying “Monthly Unlimited with SHRINKAGE.”
  3. Following up the instructions, read the brief introduction present so that you get to know more about same.
  4. Now, click on the button marked “Sign Up.”
  5. Enter all the necessary details asked like ate Log in point etc.
  6. Log in with wireless phone number and PIN.
  7. Now, follow the instructions to complete the process of sign up.
  8. That’s all. Now you are ready to earn rewards for your loyalty and save more.

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