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Deluxe Visa Gift Card Activation: These are preloaded gift cards and rewards cards you can buy for yourself or gift somebody. The Deluxe cards can be purchased from any participating institutions and can be purchased for $20 to $750. Here we will discuss on activate, login and balance checks the phone number.

The card can be used anywhere to make purchases from various merchants. You can use it at gas stations, restaurants, stores etc. It is accepted everywhere where Visa cards are accepted. It is like a debit card and you can use it as long as there is a balance, it can’t be reloaded.

You can activate your Deluxe Visa card and set up it to receive rewards at online web portal You have to decide whether you want Deluxe Visa card as a gift card or rewards card. The activation is a simple process and can be accomplished quickly.

How to Activate My Deluxe Visa Card

The activation is a simple process and can be accomplished quickly. Flow the steps given below to get your Deluxe Visa card activated.
Deluxe Visa Card Login
  • Go to
  • A welcome Deluxe card page will be displayed. You select either Deluxe Visa Gift card site or Deluxe Visa Rewards card site link according which one you want to go for.
  • A login page will be displayed. You enter your card number and social security number in the fields given. Enter captcha as shown in the picture. Then click on ‘Login’ button.
  • You will have to provide your personal information such as your name, address, birth date, identification etc. You might need to provide your driver’s license as ID.
  • Complete the process as instructed.
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Deluxe Visa Card Phone Number

Once you have activated your card, you can register your card at the portal. The registration is simple; you just need to provide your name and address. If you have registered your card and if your card gets lost or stolen, you can contact customer service and make a request for a replacement card. You can also call at 1-866-255-9831 to ask for registration.

If you face any difficulties regarding activation process or have any question, you make a call to Bancorp Card Operations at-800-540-7371. You can also visit FAQ page provided at the portal and refer to commonly asked questions.

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