Dolphin Mobile Browser Also Supports Windows 7|8|XP|Vista

Dolphin Browser for PC & Windows 7|8|XP|Vista

Though Dolphin Browser is primarily for mobile, it can be also downloaded for PC, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP or Windows Vista. Dolphin browser is a mobile browser supporting to Android operating system.

It allows users to use multi-touch gestures. It’s both versions (iOS and Android) are free from advertisements. Though initial release, it received positive reviews from media and public also. Here are some discussions about Dolphin Browser.

Dolphin Browser Features:

Dolphin Browser has same features as other browsers have. But it has some unique features that are not with other. They are described below:

  1. Dolphin Sonar: Without typing letters, it allows users to search by voice commands only. Let’s take an example, if a user says ‘Amazon Electronics’ without writing on search tab, it will take to the Amazon electronics section. 
  2. Dolphin Gesture: This allows controlling the Dolphin Browser with pre-programmed features. For example, if a user draws a large “F” on the screen, it will automatically go to Facebook. 
  3. Dolphin Browser sync: It sync across devices and desktop browse using Firefox and Google Chrome extension.
  4. Webzine: It contains magazine style format and offers to select content on more than 300 topics including lifestyle, music, technology, business and much more online as well as offline. 
  5. Dolphin Browser: It allows users to connect and share contents. Choose any page and tap share button from the variety of social media networks.
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Download Dolphin Browser for PC:

Download Dolphin Browser for PC can be possible by using android emulator BlueStacks. First, go to the BlueStacks website and download the emulator without any charge. It’s easy to install and get the setup of an emulator. Install it in PC.

Install Dolphin Browser for Windows:

Open BlueStacks and search for Dolphin Browser in the search bar at the top right corner to install Dolphin Browser for Windows devices. Click on download or install button on the Dolphin Browser app. Go back to the main BlueStacks page to see downloaded and installed application. Open it up and it is ready to use.

Use Dolphin Browser for Windows 7/8/XP/Vista:

Dolphin Browser can also be used for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems. It also can be used for Mac computers. A user can also sync Dolphin Browser on PC to other browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. Dolphin Browser syncs also can be used with iPhone, iPad or Android device for manually transfer bookmarks and other activities.

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