How to File Prior Year Tax Returns: Past due Taxes Help

Ways to file a Past Due Tax Return

What do you do if you miss the deadline of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax return filing? Don’t be flustered. Just find out the ways how to file an extension tax return. You should file a late return though you miss the deadline as to avoid more penalties or interest on the tax you owe. The longer you take the time to file tax return the more penalties might be imposed by IRS to you. So, let’s check steps to file prior year tax returns and past due taxes help.

Here are numerous steps given to file late return as mention below:

  1. If you were late to file the tax return don’t panic. You must file a late tax return. If you avoid paying your taxes IRS may levy your bank account, wages or any other assets. Once IRS gets to know that you have failed to pay file tax return in time you are asked to take immediate steps to pay the tax which is owed. Generally filing late return is similar as to file the return before deadline. One should file their return as long as within the 3 years as to take the advantage of receiving tax refund if you are eligible for it.
  2. You should first gather all important documents and if any document missed or lost you can request to IRS for the copy of it.
  3. If you have no idea about how to file a tax return after deadline you should consult a tax professional. He/she is well familiar with the taxation law. He would help you to deal with IRS. He/she will negotiate with the IRS on behalf you.
  4. Prepare your tax return on your own or with the help of your tax professional.
  5. Select the payment option which is offered by IRS to tax payers such as monthly payment plan or payment of full amount of taxes you owe from the government.
  6. File a tax return and make a payment of taxes with the help of credit card or debit card.
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