How to Get College Student Discount on Insurance? Affordable Insurance Quotes & Tips

Best Insurance Tips and Affordable Insurance Quotes for College Students

Nowadays, everybody should be covered with insurance. According to research, 8 people out of 10 are covered with varied insurance policies. Here we discuss on ‘How to get college student discount on insurance?’ and Affordable insurance quotes & tips.

Generally, parents buy individual insurance coverage or buy a family plan for their children. As boys and girls started to going school, their parents cover them for expensive items. At that time, make always sure that all items are covered. Make sure if these items are covered under the parent’s homeowners insurance policy.

Before planning to purchase a new coverage for children, find out some details necessary to know for insurance. Here are five important tips for college students as well as their parents.

  1. Generally, most of the students are covered by their parent’s insurance coverage so that there is no need for additional coverage. Be sure by calling the insurance company or agent and check that student is covered or not. If they are not covered, then buy a new plan.
  2. All expensive gadgets and items are not covered under one policy. Many times expensive laptops, HD-TVs, and other expensive items need extra plan named ‘Valuable Items Endorsement’ with coverage of $10,000 to $20, 000 depends on the company. Pick a plan which needs to pay a premium around $100 per year because it is the average price.
  3. Of course, college students will get engaged in a short time. Then it is a perfect time for those who are just engaged or have purchased an engagement ring. Make sure that insurance plan secure the engagement ring against loss, theft, and accidents that could dislodge the stone from its setting. If the ring costs more than $10,000 then it should be insured with a separate policy.
  4. Most of the time, college students do not drive their car to college for whatever the reason, depends on circumstances. In this situation, call an insurance agent and intimate him that the car has no much use and ask for a discount in premium.
  5. If any child is lived out of the city for his study, he is no longer covered under their parent’s homeowners’ policy. Parents need to purchase a tenant’s or renter’s policy to cover the items in their apartment or rented a house for $15 to $20 a month which can be affordable.
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Lastly, to protect precious items, take basic steps. For example, put laptop lock like the Kensington Combo Saver always on a laptop. Keep track of the items in a dorm room by taking a picture and serial numbers of all gadgets and upload it to Ever note which will provide information from any computer or phone in case of filing claim.

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