Purchase Appliance Extended Warranty Good or Bad? Warranty Extension Reviews

Is it Worth Paying for Extended Warranty? Consumer Reports

The question ‘Purchase appliance extended warranty good or bad?’ is a big question for users. So, here we get warranty extension reviews. The time is New Year and everyone celebrates it by their own way. Some go for a shopping, some like to spend holidays with family and some hangover with friends. When one goes for a shopping, a hit list of expenses on wearing, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices for own use as well as for gift purpose.

The big problem in purchasing electronic gadgets are facing by youngsters is whether or not to buy an extended warranty to protect the gadget from harm. There are some points related to above topic discuss in detail under.

They are Lining Up to Sell You Protection:

Retailers know very well that where can be the investment. So when anybody purchased an expensive TV set or smartphone or computer, by hook or crook they force to buyers to purchase a warranty. According to one report, from many years, the big giants such as Best Buy (BBY), Sears (SHLD), Walmart (WMT) and other have sold a warranty on highly priced gadgets.

For example, Walmart charged $65 for a two-year TV service plan. Best Buy offering two-year coverage on TV for $99.99 and five-year coverage for $179.9. Sears charge $280 for a three-year protection plan on a refrigerator.

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Apple offers its AppleCare for its devices for two years at $99. Other companies offer phone and tablet insurance for $7.99 to $9.99 per month which covers mechanical problems as well as damage from drops and liquid spills and theft or loss.

Many Items Have Built-In Protection:

Many purchasers do not know that is his product is protected or he has to buy from outside. This is a common problem for many customers. In current time, most of the gadgets are secured with limited guarantee period that is built in at the time of purchase and provide protection from mechanical defects. In addition to this, many customers pay its bill by using credit cards.

Many credit card companies provide warranty behind their card. For example, MasterCard doubles warranty period of a product offers and provides 90-day insurance coverage even against theft or accidental damage. Visa also offers similar coverage on certain types of cards. But it is not true that high price warranty covered every loss. For example, liquid damage

Be a Smart Shopper:

Many customers believe that investing money in warranty is wastage. But people should not forget that it can protect your electronics from bad luck.

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