Getting A Better Night’s Sleep Eat A Piece of Dark Chocolate Everyday

Eat Dark Chocolate and Get Good Night Sleep – It Keeps Body Clocks Running On Time

Eating a good amount of dark chocolate can lead to good night’s sleep, a study reveals. Dark chocolates are the rich source of magnesium which is an essential hormone in maintaining body clocks.

You can treat yourself with dark chocolates, relish it and enjoy better quality sleep. Magnesium contained in it helps control cells of the body to cope with the natural cycle of day and night.

Clinical revelations show that magnesium is very important for every function and tissue in the body. It is very vital for a healthy immune system which prevents you from many diseases. Research is being carried out to find the influence of magnesium; it is linked to all the body functions that include daily rhymes of sleeping and waking, hormone release, body temperature etc.

Dark chocolates not only provide you better sleep, there is host of benefits offered by it. It is a powerful source of antioxidants. It helps you improve your blood flow and lower blood pressure, raises HDL, and protects LDL against oxidation and much more.

It’s not that the nutrient is available in dark chocolate only, it is also found from many sources such as green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds, avocado, yoghurt, fruits, beans, whole grain food etc. You might say no to some of this food, but hardly will you deny chocolates.

Though there are supplements readily available in the market, it is always recommended that you get magnesium naturally from your diet. You have good reasons to support your craving for dark chocolates!

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