Google Map is Best Offline Maps for Android – Wikipedia Offline Application

Google Map and Wikipedia Apps that can be Used Even When One is Offline

Offline GPS for Android Free Download: To surf the internet through your smartphone, it is necessary to download Browser Application that does not work without the internet. But are you aware of the fact that there is one browser app that helps in surfing even when you are offline? It is even possible to use Google Map and Wikipedia when offline.

In “Offline Browser”, available for free on Google Play Store, users has to link those sites that they use very often. Using Offline Browser app is very easy. You simply have to decide which sites you would like to surf or need when offline. After you have downloaded the app, open the app and tap on the plus sign given on the left. This will open a new window and here you will have to write the name of the website along with its URL that you wish to surf offline. You can add websites of your choice here. All the offline websites attached to the app will function in the similar manner as they do when online.

Wikipedia is very useful for gathering information about almost everything. But what if you are traveling and you wish to know about something. In such condition Kiwix, Wikipedia offline can come to rescue you. In this app, almost all Wikipedia pages are stored and can be used when you are offline.

To find routes on unknown roads, people generally and often uses GPS-based Google Map. In many areas located in the interiors, there is a problem of an internet. In such conditions, All-in-one Offline Maps are very useful. This app gives facility of offline navigation that helps you to reach your destination even if your internet is not working. You can also zoom the map when required. It is believed that All-in-one Maps uses GPS phone network to give location information to the users.

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Next time when you plan traveling, do not forget to download these apps. These apps will not only help in time of needs but will also save your money as they will work without using the internet.

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