How to change Walmart credit card to MasterCard

How to Upgrade a Walmart Credit Card to MasterCard

How to upgrade to Walmart MasterCard: They issued two types of cards such as credit card and MasterCard. Walmart Credit Cardholder provides rewards and benefits on purchases made at their store and Sam’s Club, its website and gas purchase at Walmart fuel station etc with their Credit Card account. Rewards percentages vary for different type of purchase made. Moreover, the Walmart MasterCard can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Their credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank.

Benefits of Walmart Credit Card

Cards are very handy to pay off for large purchases; you don’t have to pay any interest as long as you pay the balance before the due date.

  • There are several benefits offered with their cards.
  • There is no annual fee to be paid.
  • It protects you against fraud.
  • You can get FICO credit score.
  • You get 3% cash back at Walmart and Sam’s club, 2% cash back at Walmart and Murphy gas stations and 1% cash back at other places.

Upgrade a Walmart Credit Card to a Walmart MasterCard

You can apply for your upgrade online, go to Walmart store or call customer care. Follow the steps given below to apply for it online.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Apply for Walmart credit card upgrade. You will have to fill up an application form providing necessary information. Keep your card handy. You will have to provide the credit card number. Your application will be processed and if you are approved, you will receive your upgraded card in a mail in few business days.
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If you visit their store or a kiosk and apply there, you may be issued a temporary card which can be used temporarily till you receive your permanent upgraded card.

You can Call Walmart credit customer care representative at 1-877-294-7880 and ask for the upgrade. You will be asked your card number. In a while, you will be informed whether you qualify for it or not. If yes, your current Walmart credit card will be canceled. You will receive a new MasterCard in few business days.

If you are denied a Walmart MasterCard, you need to strengthen your credit rating. You pay your bills, mortgage payments etc for several months and it will help you build credits. Then you can reapply after few months.

If you shop frequently at Walmart and use the credit card at different places; MasterCard is a good choice. You will enjoy several benefits and rewards! So, think about the upgrade to Walmart MasterCard.

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