How To Get Haptic Keyboard Iphone

As you type on your phone’s keyboard, you may hear a clicking sound as you press each key. Haptic feedback is the result of this clicking sound.

The Haptic feedback your device provides in response to your screen interaction is called Haptic. For example, you might sense haptic feedback if you press and then hold an image on your iPhone to open it.

Many people like the vibrational effect they get from pressing keys on their device’s keyboard, however, this is mostly available only to Android users. There’s currently no built-in feature to enable it on the iPhone.

Steps To Turn On Haptic Keyboard Iphone

1. Open the Settings app

image 01

It starts, as most things do, in Settings. Open it.

2. Open Sound and Haptics

image 02

Scroll down to the Sound and Haptics section and tap on it.

3. Select Keyboard Feedback

image 03

The Keyboard Feedback section is where you’ll turn on or off sounds and Haptic.

4. Enable Haptic toggle

image 04

You’ll find two toggles: Sound and Haptic. They operate independently of one another.

While your phone’s Silent Mode setting is enabled, tactile feedback sounds will always play. However, if you do not set your phone’s Silent Mode to on, Haptic feedback may not play.

The subtle and distinct ticks from the Taptic Engine add a great tactile feel to typing on your iPhone, and you may find that even if you used keyboard sounds in the past, turning on haptics gives you the feedback you crave without the noise.

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Is The Haptic Touch Keyboard Here To Stay?

The Apple Haptic Touch keyboard was released a year after it was first seen on Android devices from Apple, which much more recently began rolling out the new feature to iPhones.

It appears that it may be here to stay. After all, the iPhone would likely already accommodate Haptic Touch, considering Apple has been using it for more than a decade. Read more articles on wink24news.

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