How to install iPhone Apps on Android – iTunes App Store for Android

How to install Apple App store on your Android phone?

How to get apple apps on android? It might be a very weird to sound that to install Apple App store or run iOS apps on your Android device because it is impossible to do so. However, you may browse the Apple App Store from your Android mobile device. Nowadays app development companies launch their apps which are supported by both the platform like Android as well as iPhone. Here we will discuss how to convert ios apps to android?

Have you ever tried to check out that Apple App Store through your Android device? If the answer is no then read this article as it will get you to know that how it becomes possible. It will show all Apple app store on your Android mobile phone. It becomes only because of “Apps Explorer”. To know more about it you have to go through the whole article.

What is Apps Explorer?

Apps Explorer is an app which allows admin to go through the apps of the third party which has been installed by the users with their domain. Android users are able to view Apple App Store from their Android device. You can also view apps’ ranking, search results, screenshots, and descriptions. You can also search the Apple apps as compared to your Android device.

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What you have to do to use this App Explorer?

  • You are just required to follow the steps as mention below to use the App Explorer:
  • You are first required to download the “Apps Explorer” app from the Google Play Store of your Android device. It’s a free app to use and browse Apple Apps on your android device. You can’t download the Apple App but you can use the app to look for your Android device. You can also check out all the details of all Apple apps.
  • Once you have installed the “App Explorer” app into your Android device it will load the list of all the aid apps of the Apple App Store. It will help you to find out the new apps for your android phone which is famous for iOS system.
  • To check out the details of the apps you should have to tap on the app as it will load all the description of the app and screenshot as well.
  • With the help of this App Explorer, you can check out the description of Apple App through your Android device.

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