Find out if someone has deleted me on Facebook – Use chrome extension

How to know who deleted me on Facebook? – Use chrome extension

Now you can use Facebook tool to discover who’s removed you as a Friend from Facebook account. Here we will check a short guide on how to know who unfriended me on FB?

Have you ever wondered that who have deleted or un-friend from their Facebook account or why your number of friends has been decreased? If you have not then read this whole article and you will get to know who has deleted you from their friend list.

  • If you maintain your Facebook profile with more than 1000 friends in your friend list it can be said that there are more than 50% friends are those who never know them but you add them as friends on your profile. It can be said that to add as a friend is very easy but the difficult thing is that to track who deleted you on FB. Don’t worry. Here is the way to find out the people who deleted you on FB profile.
  • Usually, it becomes when your Facebook friends are getting bored with your regular updates or comments or they don’t know who you are then they deleted you from their Facebook profile. Now the question is that how you will get to know who deleted you.
  • It is very surprising for you that there is an app which named “Who.Deleted.Me” which let you know about the people to whom you have added to your Facebook profile or the people who have deleted you.
  • This app is very easy to operate. You just have to first login with your Facebook account and give it access to your account. Now, Who.Deleted.Me gives the numbers and graphs which show you that over the time how many of your FB friends increased or decreased.
  • A Facebook page ‘Who Deleted Me’ is an officially approved by the company itself and you can search in the dictionary of apps.
  • You can also visit the link of ‘Who Deleted Me’ website and can connect with your profile. When you sync with this app you will begin tracking new friends as well as the friend who deleted you on Facebook. You may get an email also. There are currently over 1000 users who use this application.
  • In this way, you can find out the people who deleted you on FB.
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