How to set a video as your desktop wallpaper with VLC media player?

How to set video as Desktop background using VLC media player?

Many a time we tired with the static wallpaper background for PC. Actually, we want something bit more entertaining. Now you can set a video as wallpaper by using VLC media player. If you are getting bored with the static desktop background it’s the best way to get the refresh with such a new technique of moving background.

The media player is the best way to hear music at the time of your online work. There are many fans of VLC media player. It supports all kind of video formats and has more useful features. One of them is to set video as a desktop background by using it. If you want to set video as wallpaper you are just required to follow the steps as provided hereunder.

Steps are given to set video as a desktop background using VLC media player:

  • First of all, you have to download VLC media player from this link
  • Thereafter you have to go through the video setting and then select the option ‘Enable wallpaper mode’ under the head DirectX. It will allow you to display the video as the desktop background.
  • Now you are required to go on the button ‘Save’ and play any video.
  • Next, you are required to go on screen and you can see the option of ‘Video’ just click on it and there are numerous options. You have to select the option ‘DirectX wallpaper’.
  • At last, you just have to sit down and enjoy your video on the desktop background.
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It’s very easy to set up a video as a desktop background by using VLC media player. You are just required to follow these steps and you will definitely get done. Once you have set up your settings it will get completed. There is so many software but VLC is one of the best ways of them to set easily video background on your computer wallpaper.

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