How to Get Job in USA for Indian Freshers: Guide on Dos and Don’ts to Remember

The freshers job aspirants in India are talented, energetic and on the top, want to prove themselves on challenging career platforms when given a chance. It is a desire for many to pursue a dream job in USA. However, the question for many is- How to get job in USA for Indian freshers.

There are several aspects of consideration when you want to work abroad especially like countries like USA where the work regulations are very strict. You need to complete several formalities and paperwork before joining a job. Follow this concise guide to know the best approach to land a job in your dream destination- the USA.

Tips to Get a Job in the US for Indian Freshers

Develop a Professional Resume/CV

Your resume is the first thing to create an impression on the employers when they get the job application. It is your identity to the recruiters. Make sure your resume is short but worthy, looks professional, developed with properly format, and addresses the job designation.

If you possess multiple skill sets, have accomplished several projects, it is highly recommended to prepare separate resume versions for each.

Make a Good Cover Letter

It is decent gesture to put forth your CV with a cover letter addressing the recruiter. Write a brief cover letter containing only necessary information divided finely in short paragraphs. Avoid sending a generic cover letter to all your recruiters. For each job, you must properly format the cover letter with the necessary details as asked in the job description.

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Develop a Dynamic Online Presence

Several recruiters may search for online information about the candidates when they shortlist the profiles. Consider building an online portfolio at LinkedIn- the most popular social media platform for building professional online presence. You may include the LinkedIn profile in the soft copy of your CV and cover letter when applying for a job.

Strengthen Native English Skills

You must be skilled in US English at least to the native or bilingual proficiency to be able to communicate comfortably with the recruiters and people around when in the country. Start practicing the language skill sets to gain relevant expertise before you move in.

Build a Strong Professional Network

You need to conduct a great deal of research through the job sites online and other sources to find the suitable positions to apply. Dedicate hard efforts to shortlist the posts matching your credentials.

Contact Known People Living in the US

If any relative or trusted known person is living in the country, you may contact him/her to get updates on available job positions or other relevant information.

Pursue a Job as Foreign Worker in the USA

The US government allows people worldwide (including exchange visitors and foreign students) to work on temporary and permanent jobs as foreign workers in the country. Before joining a job designation, there are certain formalities:

  • You must have the proper job visa to work in the USA as a foreign worker*
  • You must abide by the terms and conditions of the US government during your tenure of job in the country
  • All foreign workers must comply with and complete the immigration formalities to be eligible to live and work in any of the US states
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*To know more about the type of work visa necessary to stay and work on the concerned job post, visit the official website of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) at

Also, see the section ‘Getting a Job in the U.S. as a Foreign Worker’ at the official website of the US government at

If you have received a job offer from any company based in the USA, contact the International Immigration Office to get detailed information on the formalities and regulations to complete before you travel to the work destination to join the designation.

Note: There are several fraudulent companies luring learned career aspirants with fake job offers to foreign countries. Many of these may be involved in human trafficking activities. When you get a job offer from a company, make sure to do proper research and contact the Indian embassy in the US to gather proper information before taking any action.

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