Best Payroll Clock In Software Systems with Free Trial

Top 5 Payroll Clock In and Out Software with 30-Day Free Trial

There are numerous payroll clock in software available in the market. All employers need time and attendance system for successful running of their business. Most of the time and attendance system offer biometrics options which require fingerprint or facial scan to login to the system; it prevents malpractices such as buddy punching. Here we will check best 5 Payroll Clock In Software Systems with 30-Day Free Trial to buy the best one for your business.

While deciding on buying a payroll clock in software you have to consider certain aspects which include cost, ease of use, time tracking capabilities, monitoring of overtime, time off management, time scheduling tools, report generation, access through mobile, customer service etc. Following discussed are some of the best clock in software.



UltiPro is a popular cloud based HCM technology software. Various services offered by the software are:

Managed Services: It provides HR, payroll, benefits and HR talent management services customized to meet your business needs and offers best business results.

Employer Services: The service helps you manage health care reforms in compliance.

Payment Services: Payment services from Ultipro provide pay related services such as tax filing, wage-attachment disbursement etc.

Print Services: Year-end tax forms are printed, sealed and sent ready for distribution to the employees.

Check Printing: Paychecks are printed and returned just ready to be delivered on schedule; it saves considerable time, money and resources.

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TimeClock Plus

TimeClock Plus

TimeClock Plus is a user friendly time and attendance software which can be customized to employer’s needs. It is available as on premise as well as a cloud based solution. TimeClock Plus provides real-time access to employee information and provides robust reports. It provides best value in terms of quality, service and price. Some of the services offered are:

Time and Attendance Clock in: It offers several clock in options which include fingerprint scanning, hand scan, card swipe, pin entry etc.

Advanced Scheduler: It is a scalable tool which managers use to schedule work force efficiently and manage labor costs.

Affordable care Act: TimeClock Plus includes tools that take care of provisions of affordable care act.

FMLA Module: The module helps with tracking of family and medical leave request, process and management of it.

TimeClock Plus Mobile Manager: TimeClock Plus mobile app makes it easier for employees and managers to access the software who doesn’t have access to data terminal. It is very helpful for the employees who provide home service and maintenance.

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a powerful human capital management software suitable for companies with over 50 employees. It is a cloud based software which can be accessed from anywhere. It is an integrated solution for the business which includes HR management, payroll, time and attendance clock in, talent management, benefits, compliance, analytics and benchmarking.

Data-Driven Insight tools from The ADP Workforce Now helps you make smart decision in benefit of the company as well as employee. ADP Workforce Now offers a range of services which includes:

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Time Tracking: The feature provides time, attendance and productivity tracking and robust automated scheduling. Clocking in and clocking out any device with the help of geolocation.

Payroll and Tax services: It features payroll processing with accuracy, time tracking and scheduling tool, new hire reports etc. If you have any difficulties, you get access to experts.

HR Management: It helps you with the hiring process which include create job posting, screening and hiring, dashboard announcements and reporting on cost-to-hire and time-to-hire.

Benefits and ACA: It provides annual reporting for IRS and ACA compliance according to the latest rules and regulations as well as ACA concierge services.


AsureForce is a popular cloud-based time and attendance system. It supports biometric facial recognition time clock which helps eliminate buddy punching. AsureForce Time & Labor Management easily captures time and attendance data necessary for payroll processing accurately and labor compliance. It provides workforce productivity insight which helps make smart decisions for the company.

Important features of AsureForce are:

Mobile Time Tracking: Its GeoPunch mobile app allows agile workforce to clock in and clock out from anywhere anytime. It helps increase productivity of the employees.

Time & Attendance: It supports various time entry methods and automated processing helps with accurate time collection and eliminates time consuming manual collections. .

Easy Time Reporting: AsureForce Time reporting provides robust reporting on employee payroll, scheduling, and analytical information. It allows creating reports tailored to meet specific needs along with standard reports.

Employee Scheduling: The tool allows supervisors and managers to prepare schedules to meet workforce requirements.

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Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is an easy to use web based time and attendance system for small, medium as well as large businesses. Employees can punch in and punch out through a web browser from desktop or mobile app. There is a webcam tool that takes snap when any employee clocks in and clocks out; GPS tracking system ensures authenticity of it. It is a very easy to use software and works on devices that can be connected to internet such as desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone etc. iOS as well as Android both OS are supported. Data collected can be easily used for payroll calculation and other uses by the company.

It had several features which include creating job codes for assigning them to employees, creating locations, manager tool, built-in notifications for managers and administrators, report generation, GPS, punch rounding, IP address locks, time card approval, QR code scan, automatic breaks, paid time off management and many more.

The best clock in software is the one which is manageable, doesn’t crash and provides reports which ensure employees remain focused to the business at hand. The system should integrate with the payroll system directly or should allow data to be in a format that can be utilized by payroll system. Chart out your needs, evaluate the available software in the market and make a right choice that satisfies needs of your business.

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