List of Foods that Nutrition Conscious People Avoid

Foods that Nutrition Conscious People Avoid

There are certain food items that are low in nutrition but are highly caloric and/or not good for health. These food stuffs should be generally avoided to be healthy. Let’s have a look on some of these items below:

  • Soft Drinks and Diet Sodas

Soft drinks are one of the worst food that has very low or no nutrition benefits. A can contains around nine spoons of liquid sugar which is the worst form of sugar one can have. Also, people drink diet soda thinking that they are consuming lesser calories and less sugar and still getting the sweet tase. However, this is not true. The sweet taste comes with more sugar cravings and leads to more caloric intake throughout the day.

Instead, replacing the above with lots of water, brewed ice –herbal and general is a better option.

  • White Breads

White bread increases the blood sugar level, highly. The sugar content in them is as high as in confectioneries and soft drinks. Consuming grain bread is always a better option.

  • Rice Snacks

Rice is the major source of glycaemic index carbohydrate. This means on eating it, the blood glucose level increases tremendously. Also, insulin increase creates havoc in metabolism. One should, hence, avoid having snack bar, puff and other such products made up of rice. Snacks made from rice have very little protein. Hence these products provide only calories along with rise in blood sugar levels. Next time opt rye based cakes and crackers and corn as your snack.

  • Frozen Meals
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The variety of frozen food available in market, have lots of carbohydrate and comparatively very little nutrients. They also contain lots of added preservatives, colors and flavors that are not good for health. It is also good to eat freshly cooked food than eating the frozen products. Buying fresh vegetables and fruits are always better option.

  • Granola

Granola is common yogurt and ice cream topper. It has around 600 calories, 24 grams of sugar and 30 grams of fat which is equivalent to eating two slices of cheese cake. There are few brands that do provide protein, iron anf fibers but when compared to benefits, disadvantaged are more. Instead, you can use lighter option like cheerios.

  • Ketchup

Ketchup tastes good with everything. But you will be surprised to know how bad it can be for your body. One tablespoon of ketchup has 4 grams of sugar and 20 calories. Usually a person takes 4 to 5 tablespoon. Also, ketchup is loaded with high fructose corn syrup which increases the appetite and in long run leads to health problems like obesity and diabetes.

  • Juices

Juice is a sugary beverage that is sold as a healthy drink. They do contain some vitamins but some varieties have sugar as high as a soda. Also when juice is produced form fruits fibers are lost. Hence it is more beneficial to eat fruit as whole.

  • Lollies

If you think eating natural or fruit flavored lollies do not harm you, you are probably wrong. These lollies are nothing but high doses of sugar. Also these lollies sometimes do contain artificial colors that further harm your health. Next time when you want to satisfy your sugar craving opt dark chocolates. They are nutritionally far better option as compared to lollies.

  • Instant Noodles
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The instant noodles are full of salt. On an average a packet of instant noodles have as much as 2000mg. They also have MSG, which is added to enhance the flavor. This is harmful to health. The companies market these products as a source of fiber, but the truth is they offer very little nutritionally.

  • Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils are usually a mixture of many oils with palm oil as main base. Palm oil is 50 percent saturated. This is bad for arteries, where the extra fat gets deposited. For manufacturing oil, palm plantation is increasing which has very bad effect on environment and animals living around.

  • Frozen Party Foods

Party foods like frozen spring rolls, sausages, French fries are tempting to cook when it is a matter of party. These types of food stuffs have lots of saturated fat and trans fat that are bad for health. Trans fat are very bad for arteries.

  • Pre-made Pasta and Sauce

Having pasta with tomato sauce and vegetables is not bad. But pastas that are pre made have high salt and sauces are fat laden. Again this type of pre made white sauce pastas hardly provide anything when it comes to nutrition.

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