My Discover Student Loans Login – Create New Account, Paying Off and Repaying Guide

Discover Student Loans Login: The company provides a range of loans. Here we are talking about Discover student loans. It provides Student loans for undergraduate, graduate, law, MBA, health professional loans and so on. Here we get a guide on Paying Off and Repaying Discover Student Loans. To get qualified for the student loan the applied needs to be 16 years old which is actually less as compared to few other private loans.

It is an American-based financial services company. It operates Discover and pulses networks and issues Discover credit cards. It has emerged out as a leading direct bank from a credit card pioneer. It offers best services to its customers. Discover direct bank offers a range of banking products like home loans, students private loan, personal loans, checking and savings account. Discover is accepted in more than 185 countries and territories .

Creating New Account with Discover Student Loans

A new account online can be opened in the following manner:

  1. Log in to If you are already registered with them enter your username and password or click on register now button .It will direct you to the page that will ask you which service do you want to opt.
  2. Now click on Register now button below Students loan.
  3. This will direct you to register page where in you have to fill few informations.
  4. Here you have to Create a user Id, give a password,confirm a password,Your First name,last name middle initials,e-mail address,date of birth,social security number and then confirm security number .You also have to select security questions and answer.
  5. Then after entering the verification code displayed on the screen press continue.
  6. After few processes, you will be registered with Discover student loans.
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How to Login?

Repaying Discover Student Loans
My Discover Student Loans Login

Once you are registered with Discover student loans login there is easy. Go to The following page is displayed. Here fill in your user Id and password and in select an account select students loan and click on login button.

How to Apply for the Student Loan?

Applying for the loan is easy s follows:

  • You can apply through your computer,smartphone or any other mobile device.
  • Add a Cosigner which will not only increase your chances of loan approval but also you can get a loan on low interest rates.
  • Now choose interest rate and payment options that suit your needs.
  • Finally sign your documents online and accept your loan terms.

Discover student loan also provides resources for students and parents as follows:

  • You can see free financial aid before taking student loans.
  • You can see why the college degree is worth investment.
  • You can learn smarter ways to borrow money to pay for college.
  • You can see how to earn rewards on your student loans.
  • You can learn about loan application process.
  • Discover Student Loans have no maximum limits set for its loans. Hence students who want more amount of financial help are benefited.

Comparison of Private Student Loans and Federal Loans

Discover student loans aim at encouraging students to increase grants,scholarships, and other free financial aid before taking student loans. On comparing private student loans with federal you will find private student loans are more competitive.Federal loans are given by US Department of Education and have fixed rate whereas Private student loans are given by banks or other lenders and are credit based having fixed or variable interest rates.

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Types of Private Student Loans

Discover student loans offer a variety of loans to cover 100% of tuition,housing etc. as follows:

  • Discover Graduate loan
  • Discover Bar Exam Loans
  • Discover Undergraduate Loans
  • Discover MBA Loans
  • Discover Residency Loans
  • Discover Law Loans
  • Discover Health Professions Loans

    Undergraduate Discover Student Loans
    Discover Student Loans

Reasons to Choose Discover Student Loans

  1. All the specialists of students loans are from the US. So they can help you anytime you want.
  2. The company levy no loan application fee,no origination fee, and no late fee.Hence you can take a maximum of 15 years to pay back your balance of both fixed rate and variable rate loan.
  3. On each new student loan, You get 3.0 GPA or more and 1% cash reward.
  4. Discover student loan covers up to 100% of school college costs.
  5. You can apply in as little as 15 minutes.
  6. Discover Student Loans have no maximum limits set for its loans. Hence students who want more amount of financial help are benefited.
  7. The APRs of Discover loans are lower as compared to other loans.
  8. Discover gives cash-back reward for good grades. This is one of its kind reward in the loan sector.
  9. The company also provides love chat,e-mail, and phone support to clear out your doubts if any.
  10. Its FAQs Section on its website is excellent which answers most of your common questions regarding loans.

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