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Amica Insurance Reviews and Login Guide

Amica insurance login: Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America is an American insurance company founded by A.T.Vigneron in 1907. It has around 40 offices across the USA. Its headquarters is in Lincoln in Rhode island. It sells automobile,personal umbrella liability,homeowners,marine and life insurance. Amica is a mutual insurance company which means it is owned by policyholders.

The company has been leading in the insurance company for more than 100 years. Its services are appreciated by its customers. Amica’s online features are one of the best in the insurance industry. If you wish to have an online account you need to log into the official website In following easy steps an online account can be opened.

  1. Simply click on the Create account option on the home page. You have to enter your account information and verify your identity.
  2. Now create username and password for your account.
  3. You have to select a security image which will be displayed every time you log into your account.Select three questions and answer them. This will be used when a company needs to verify your identity.
  4. An email address is asked so that changes to your online account are notified and online payment confirmations can be sent.

If you have any problem in creating an online account be sure you are giving the correct information. The information you give should match with the details already given to the company while buying their product.But still, if you have any trouble you can call on numbers given on the website.

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How to get Amica Account Login?

Once you create an account it’s easy to log in.

  1. Simply go to site .com . Now click on Manage Your Account button this will direct you to a login page that will ask you your username.
  2. Fill in your username and click Login button and a site will direct you to another page where you have to enter your password. By entering the password other than where you entered user name further, protects your account information. This process increases your security level.

Now suppose you forget your password,you have to enter your username on a login page. When You are asked to enter your password click on I forgot my password Link. Here you have two options . Either reset your password my answering verification questions or you can ask for a temporary password to be sent to your email address.

If you forget your username click on I forgot my username on the login page.They will then ask you to enter your account information and few verification questions and then will display your user name.

If you forget both your username as well as your password Use your forget username function. Where after filling your account information and verification questions your username is displayed. You can then either reset your password or can ask to send a temporary one in your mail. You are now again ready to log in.

Amica Account Sign In/ Car Insurance Claim Phone Number
Amica Home, Car or Auto Insurance Quote and Reviews

Amica Reviews

Like any other product or company, there are both good as well as a bad review for Amica.

Some good points are as below:

  1. The online quote tool of amica is one of the best online insurance tools that gives you a precise price information.The quote tool also provides security against theft,fraud, and others in a way no online quote tools give.
  2. Its live chat option to is highly appreciable.
  3. Amica provides a unique Home Repair Assistance Program which helps its customer to contact contractors when their house is damaged. Repair can be done quickly and efficiently with the help of this program by qualified contractors.Another excellent resource by the company is Amica storm company. It prepares customers for natural disasters and severe weather conditions.One can find sections on hurricanes ,tornadoes,wildfires and more and prepare one’s home in the time of emergency.
  4. Amica record of payment is also impossible. When the house is damaged a person gets his payments only after 24 hours of claim and all necessary documents submitted . This is really quick.
  5. Amica gives a discount on insurance new home and newly renovated homes too. If you buy multiple policies and have claim free record you get interesting discounts.
  6. If certain states if a person installs windstorm resistant featured in the house he is awarded a discount.Discounts for a burglar alarm,sprinkler system, and fire alarms are also given.
  7. Amica offers policies for condos,single family homes , multiple family homes and for renters as well.
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There were many good sides of Amica insurances but there are few bad sides too. They are as mentioned below:

  1. Amica does not give home insurance to ranch owners,farm owners and mobile home owners.It also disappoints old home owners
  2. For Amica insurance, you have only two options. One is full payment and other is 10 monthly payments.Hence it lacks flexibility as far as payment options are concerned.

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