Home Depot Bridal/Gift Registry

Gift registry has become an established practice of wedding in UK and US. It contains a wish list of gifts one would like to get as gifts and the list is made public to family and friends. Many department stores provide this service. Home Depot is a mega store and it offers various useful products and services that can be used by married couple as well as others. So, many prefer to make gift registry at Home Depot. For many people it is a perfect place to buy things.

Does Home Depot offer a bridal registry/ gift registry?

Yes. Home Depot offers a gift registry. You can make register for a gift registry only at any one of their store. It doesn’t allow online gift registry. You make a bridal registry with your wish list at a Home Depot store and your family and friends who are willing to give gifts can access your registry at their store you have registered at. Following given are the links where you will get the details.

1. Where is the Gift Registry?

The company own Customer Care discussion board at has confirmed about a Home Depot registry and the fact that it only allows to create a registry at a single store. To look at the registry or you can say to go through it is one has to visit the same Home Depot store where gift registry has been done and request for the registry there.

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2. Home Depot Registry?

This is a discussion forum conversation provided at I this forum, so many participants have confirmed that they have registered a gift registry at Home Depot. They also say that you can make registration at one specific store only and you are not allowed to access the registry online or at any other stores of them.

3. Overturning the Home-Improvement-Store-Registry Conundrum (or Trying to Anyway)

This is a June 2011 blog post available at It is from a bride who accessed the Home Depot wedding registry in their store. She took help of the blog software and this way post the registry online.

4. Home Depot Gift Registry?

This is also a forum conversation from provided at It also makes confirmation that a Home Depot registry is allowed to be set up in store in any one Home Depot store only. One person has opined that it has become complicated and many guest would prefer buying Home Depot gift cards rather than going through the registry and buying a gift.

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