Pepper Spray Reviews – Must be Careful While You Buy It

Pepper Spray Safety Tips and Reviews

Pepper spray is also known as OC spray. OC stands for oleoresin capsicum. Usually, it is used in riot control, policing, crowd control and also for self-defense. Sometimes it is also used against animals like bears or dogs. Its effect is inflammatory cause to the eyes.

It causes temporary blindness, breathing difficulties, produce tears and eyes pain. It is dangerous for your eyes. Therefore care must be taken while you are going to buy the pepper spray. Some useful tips are given below.

First of all, it must be ensured that the state in which you live its law allows the usage of pepper spray. In many states, laws don’t allow pepper spray as it is illegal.

Some states have their strict laws as pertaining to the use of pepper spray. Therefore you have to know whether your state law allows the use of it before going to purchase it.

Once you get the information of your state law regarding the use of pepper spray, determine what kind of spray you want to buy and for what purpose you want it. Care should be taken while buying it as it is dangerous.

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