Pictures from Hurricane Michael Damage : Mexico Beach Florida Destruction Photos

Hurricane Michael Damages Pictures – Photos of Mexico Beach Florida Destruction

Mexico Beach Florida: HURRICANE Michael; a moving cyclone made landfall in Florida on the afternoon of Wednesday. Michael has reached the coast of Florida states. Cyclone Michael became more powerful in the Catagari-4 on Wednesday night. Here you can see hurricane Michael damage photos. Florida Governor Ric Scott said, this is a warning of unimaginable damages. They described it as the worst cyclone in 100 years. In Central America, 13 people died due to heavy rain and floods in the storm last weekend. The hurricane is moving at a speed of 250 km / hour.

Cyclone Michael switched to category-4 on Wednesday, causing Florida and the surrounding areas to blow at speeds of 250 km / hour. However, until reaching Florida, it was in Catagari-3 and after being hit in Florida, he has turned it into Catagari-1 again. Let’s check Mexico beach Florida damage from hurricane Michael in pictures.

Hurricane Michael Damage Pictures

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Today till Thursday morning, hurricanes are moving towards Inland after being hit in Panhandle, Southwest Georgia and South Carolina in Florida. President Donald Trump has declared Emergency in the whole of Florida State.

You can see pictures from hurricane Michael. In Florida thousands of people were ordered to migrate, although some could not escape. President Donald Trump said it is not easy to escape the public. Trump said that it is not so easy to leave a place for some of these people. Some areas are extremely poor. It is not easy to migrate without any necessary funding. In the meantime, a number of buses have been sent to the areas from the government. We are trying every effort to escape people out of this area.

You can see more pictures and hurricane michael damage photos at here from CNN NEWS: 

Migration of more than 3 lakh 75 thousand people

In Florida, more than 3,75,000 people were ordered to evacuate the area and go to a higher position, but officials estimate that in fact, very few people left the area. Governor Rick Scott warns that the time of migration has now been completed.

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According to Scott’s warning, if you are in the coast area; don’t leave your home. The time to get out of the coastal areas has been going on. Take the warning of local officials and the appeal seriously. If you are in Inland County, you have the ultimate opportunity to take shelter, but at the time when the local authorities feel secure in it.

If you have not decided to get out of your area please find a place for shelter.

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