List of Top Performing Canadian ETFs to Buy for 2020-21

Invest in Canada with This List of Top Performing Canadian ETFs

Top Performing Canadian ETFs to Buy: If you want to invest in Canada, you have plenty of ETF options to choose from. You will definitely find some attractive options that will fit your investment strategy. Here we will discuss Best Canadian ETFs 2020-21.

Canada ETF invests in stocks of companies which have shown consistently good performance. There are various performance indicators such as company holdings, liquidity, dividend, volatility, expense ratios etc. You can yourself do some research work and make comparisons. What are the companies you should select is also decided by how much risk you want run, whether you want t invest in diversified portfolio, gain exposure etc.

Some of the best Canada ETFs are:

CNDA IQ Canada Small Cap ETF

CNDA invests in small cap Canada stocks which offer it a risk/return profile quite different from that of mega-cap heavy EWC. It tracks performance small cap index before fees and expenses. It follows market cap-weighted index which provides investors overall good performance. Though small cap equities are often overlooked, CNDA holds appealing complement to other popular funds and can be considered a better pick.

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EWC – iShares MSCI Canada Index ETF

EWC focuses heavily on mega cap firms. It tracks investment result of Canadian Equities Index. EWC targets to 85% of the Canadian stock market. Though popular developed market funds allocates minimal in some portfolios, performance analysis shows good indication and it appeals those who are bullish on Canadian Economy.

FCAN – First Trust Canada Alpha Dex Fund

It uses quantitative screening methodology AlphaDEX strategy to invest in the Canadian stock market. It identifies stocks with the greatest potential corresponding to sales-to-price ratio and sales growth over the period of one year. FCAN has proven records and holds A+ metrics rating. It provides investors a good investment option.

ENY – Claymore / SWM Canadian Energy Income ETF

ENY follows the S&P/ TSX Canadian High Income Energy Index to invest in Canadian securities focused on energy industry. The fund is divided in two sectors: the Canadian royalty trust and oil sands produces. It also has received A+ real time rating and is one of the compelling choices to investors.

FXC – Currency Shares Canadian Dollar Trust ETF

The Currency Shares Canadian Dollar Trust seeks to reflect the price of the Canadian Dollar. It has shown good performance track record and offers a cost effective investment solutions in the foreign exchange market.

DBCN – DBX MSCI Canada Currency Hedged Fund

It is an exchange traded fund which seeks to track performance index based on large and mid capitalization Canadian equities. It reduces effect of fluctuation between the value of US dollar and Canadian dollar. It provides investors a good portfolio and is considered a viable investment option.

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Study various ETF options and choose wisely.

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