Problems with Kohler Toilets: Check Troubleshooting Guide

Check how to Troubleshoot a Kohler Toilet

How to repair Kohler toilet: It is really irritating to have some plumbing issues at homes and offices. It becomes more frustrating when the problem is with Kohler toilets. Toilets are essential part of one’s home and if they stop working it becomes really inconvenient. But you will be happy to know that there are many problems with Kohler toilets that you can fix by yourself and there is no need to call the technician. Hereby we are going to show you some troubleshoot for you Kohler toilets so that you can be sure whether you yourself can fix the problem or need some expertise to do so.

But to troubleshoot your Kohler toilets you need to identify what is the real problem with your toilet. Most of the common problem with Kohler toilets are, toilet running continuously, poor rim wash and also facing difficulties in adjusting the amount of water in the tank. One must always remember that before troubleshooting your Kohler toilets, one must read the manufacturing guidelines completely as specific model require specific solutions.

  • When there is poor rim wash in the Kohler toilets it is usually due to blockage in rim hole. You can fix this by cutting the water supply of the toilet and flush off the extra water in the tank. Now clean the rim holes with the help of paper clip to remove all dirt. Now with the help of paper towel plug the holes and sprinkle some lime cleaner on the rim inlet. Once the deposits are dissolved, remove the paper towel and clean the toilet thoroughly before use.
  • When there is a problem in fill valve, the toilet may run continuously. You can fix this problem by limiting the amount of water coming to your toilet. After this remove the toilet tank cover. Look for the valve cap and remove it. Now find a black seal in the valve cap and clean it properly. In case if it is damaged then replace it. Now reassemble all the parts and restore the water supply now. Check the water marker level on the tank to adjust the amount of water in the toilet tank.
  • If in case your Kohler toilet is not flushing properly, the water is not draining properly or it is overflowing, then there are chances of clog. Most of the times this clogs can be taken care of with simple plunger. If you can deal with plunger then call the plumber to clean the toilet with a closet auger.
  • In case you have to jiggle your toilet handle to stop water running or even when no one has flushed the toilet and still water runs or you see water coming out of the tank then mostly there is a problem with the connections. For this, remove the lid of the tank and check all the connections from handle to chain to the trip lever. While looking at each connection make sure that there is no tangle and all connections are secure enough.
  • In case you are not able to flush at all then mostly there is a problem in chain. It might have been broken. To restore flushing simply change the chain. To avoid any kind of problem in future too, the chain should be replaced every two to three years.
  • In case you flush the toilet water comes and still do not take all the debris with it out, then there is a problem with water level. You have to restore your water level and hence contact your plumber.
  • Also note the time that your water tank takes once the water is flushed. If the time taken to refill it is more than 90 seconds, there is definitely problem with slack in the chain. Open up the top off your Kohler toilet water tank and note that there should not be more than ½ inch of slack. If you note that it is more than that then readjust it.
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So next time, there is problem with your Kohler toilet then keep in mind the above mentioned points and act accordingly.

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