Salt Room Therapy could Help in Treating Respiratory Tract Problems Including Asthma


Salt Room Therapy Beneficial In Asthma Treatment

With the increasing air pollution, quality of air is also getting poor. The poor quality of air is responsible for various respiratory tract problems including asthma.

Nowadays, health expert are suggesting salt room therapy for treatment of respiratory tract problems. Health experts around the world have tested salt room therapy and found it to be really effective.

Animesh Ray, Consultant Pulmonologist at Fortis Vasant Kunj, Delhi said “Dangerously high level of pollution has taken a toll on the respiratory health of the people. Not just older people and children, but youths and apparently healthy people are also falling prey to rising pollution. Treatment like Salt Room Therapy which is a natural form of treatment can provide symptomatic relief to the patients.”

What is Salt Room Therapy?

In the salt room therapy, patients are told to relax in a room wherein the walls are thickly lined by salt. In, this room, light air is blown continuously so that the salt gets mixed in the air and this air is inhaled by the patient.

This salt particles, when reach the nose and respiratory tract, remove all debris and bacteria present there. They also help to relieve bronchial inflammation and also strengthen the immune system.

Varsa, respiratory expert in Delhi, says that basic science behind this therapy is that it normalizes the passage of air through bronchial tubes. This widens the air passage and restore the normal passage of mucus. The blockages in the bronchi are unclogged. This helps in controlling asthmatic attack.

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Founder of salt room therapy, Anju Chandra said “Salt room therapy
is a drug-free treatment for asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, allergic and
skin ailments. I am hopeful that this initiative will not just help people with
respiratory and skin conditions but will offer them an effective drug free
treatment option to fight the rising pollution all around us.”

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