Sava Employee Express Login:

Sava Employee Express Login

Sava Employee Express Login: Employee Express (EEX) is the reliable secure online platform for the federal employees to take control of their personnel and payrolls apart from taking various actions. The federal government website has an intuitive user-friendly accessibility, seamless navigation and easy to use features.

With the utmost responsive design, the users can take all actions or view all information pertaining to payroll transactions and others on their Smartphone as well as PC/ laptops. This article covers several aspects about the EEX electronic platform alongside the Employee express login guide.

How to Login to the Employee Express

The Federal employees of the participating agencies can login to the EEX account online using a laptop or Smartphone. If you are a new employee, contact the personnel-payroll office of your agency to get the detailed instructions on how to access the Sava Employee Express Login website.

Before stepping to login to the official EEX website, you must have the Login ID and the EEX password information ready for quick access. To avoid using the login id and password every time, you can also use the PIV card.

• Visit the Employee Express Login page at

• In the login box, enter your Login ID and password to access your account

• Else, insert your PIV smartcard to login to the EEX account

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What is PIV SmartCard?

The Personal Identity Verification (PIV) SmartCard is the Federal Smart card with enhanced security features for the Federal employees in the US. The PIV card contains all the confidential information about the cardholder useful for getting access to all major Federal applications, information systems etc.

How Does the Employee Express Helps?

The Federal Employees of the participating agencies can take actions and perform transactions regarding the following aspects on Employee Express website using their Smartphone or laptop:

• Earnings

• Benefits Statements

• Leave Statements

• Direct Deposits

• Health Coverage

• Tax Withholdings

• Thrift Savings

• View and Access Employee Emergency contact details

• Roth TSP

• Payroll transactions

• Edit Personal Information

Employee Express Help Desk Support

EEX has an active help desk support available to the Federal employees through email services and phone call. For serious issues, you can send an email to the help desk to receive help pertaining to issues including:

• Login ID and password

• Contact details of your agency’s payroll office or servicing personnel

• Offers effective guideline and support to make changes or take actions regarding Taxes, Direct Deposits, Health Benefits, Thrift Savings and others

You must include the following details in your message:

• Your Full Name

• Name of your Agency

• Your Contact Number

• The description of your problem

Help Desk Email: [email protected] (Never include the Social Security Number or password in your email.)

For urgent information or consultation, you may also contact the Employee Express Help Desk via phone call (Monday to Friday) from 7a.m. to 7p.m. EST at the toll free number- 1-888-353-9450.

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Note: All transactions on the EEX are paperless allowing the Federal employees to access and conduct functionalities online. After each transaction, the users may request to receive a confirmation message with the relevant details directly delivered to the registered email address.

This notification states that the concerned transaction or action by the employee is already delivered to the personnel-payroll office of the agency.

For the entire list of EEX participating agencies, you can visit the following link at their website homepage

Wrapping Up,

Over the years, login website has introduced several powerful features to strengthen security and confidentiality of the registered users. Among all others, there is the scope to login with PIV smart card allowing you to skip entering the Employee Express login ID and password every time.

Now you can simply enter your PIV card and login to the EEX account to regulate necessary options and view the payroll transactions anytime anywhere.

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