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Shriramgi Insurance Policy Nomination Form Update for IRCTC: ShriRam General Insurance, SGI is one of the leading general insurance providers. It is a joint venture between ShriRam Capital Limited and Sanlam Limited which is based in South Africa. Here we get a guide on how to update Irctc insurance policy nomination form. For more information about policy, nomination form updates contact Shriram general insurance customer care department. Or check the official website for more help.

SGI is a part of ShriRam group which was established in 1974. The Company wants to serve common people and is focused on their needs. The Company is growing very well and has achieved “Excellence in Growth” awards too. When it comes to purchasing general insurance, SGI is becoming the first choice for many.

SGI provides a plethora of insurance covers for almost everything that includes assets, home, business, shops, wedding, vehicles, travel and much more. The company has about 9.5 million customers. It operates 2400 branches and has about 45,000 employees to help its customers.

We will discuss in detail about insurance nomination form for travelers choice and insurance nominee rules in our next article.

ShriRam Insurance Plans

ShriRam Life Insurance Plans

SGI offers various life insurance plans. New ShriVidya and New ShriVivah child insurance plans are specifically designed for children to meet the need for education and marriage when they grow up. Star Shri Family Care provides insurer and his family general life insurance and health insurance, while Star Shri Individual Care offers general and health insurance to an individual.

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IRCTC Policy Nomination Form Update
IRCTC Indian Railways

There are three different SGI life insurance term plans: Cash Back Terms, Group Term Life InsuranceandGroup Term Life Insurance in lieu of EDLI. SGI provides Endowment Life Insurance plans which provide the insurer life insurance, a tax benefit, and a savings plan, there are four different such plans. It also offers six group insurance plans and Investment Life Insurance plans such as wealth plus, Fortune Builder, Ujjwal Life and Ujjwal Life Special plan. You can get details of the plans at company’s website.

ShriRam Car Insurance plans

To get your car insured is mandatory for every car owner. There are various plans that the company offers at best affordable price and coverage. It also offers various discounts, freebies, and riders.
SGI offers a comprehensive plan for cars that provides coverage against third party liability and losses caused to the car due to natural as well as man-made calamities such as flood, fire, storm, earthquake, explosion, terrorist activities, theft, accidents etc. It also makes quick settlements and has a good network of service garage for cashless claim service. You also get no claim bonus when you renew your policy. You can also have add-on coverage at a very nominal additional premium.

ShriRam Two Wheeler Insurance

Two wheeler rides sometimes prove dangerous and it is advisable that you have an insurance coverage for it. SGI two wheeler insurance provides coverage for repair as well as a replacement in the event of damage or theft and third party liability. You can go for no depreciation policy too. No claim benefits are also offered. The Company has a good network of service centres where you can get cashless service.

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ShriRam Home Insurance Plans

SGI offers a home insurance policy that can provide all type of coverage under a single policy. Household Umbrella Insurance Policy is a package policy which combines a number of coverage for household such as loss due to fire, burglary, allied perils, personal accident incurred to the insurer, cash loss due to assault etc. There are four different plans offered to choose from. One can also select coverage without protection against fire and allied perils.

ShriRam Personal Accident Insurance

SGI personal accident insurance is provided for an individual or group of people having age between 5 and 70. It provides protection in the event of death and partial or total disability due to accidental injury. The sum insured can’t exceed person’s five years income from present salary/business.

Other Insurance

SGI offers various other insurance policies for business, commercial and engineering sectors. Some of them are fire insurance, marine insurance, liability insurance and engineering services that include contractors all risk, erection all risk, plant and machinery, boiler and pressure plant, machinery breakdown and much more.

SGI Insurance Buy/Renewal Policy Online

You can buy as well as renew your SGI vehicle insurance online. You can also request a free quote. You can save a quote or even buy using your previous free quote. It is very easy to get the quote. You just have to provide your basic details and your vehicle information. You will get the quote with different options and premium to be paid with it.

SGI Insurance Claims

It is very simple to make SGI insurance claim online. You can also check the status of the claim online too. SGI processes and response to you call quickly. It has a very dedicated team of trained professional to help.

How to Make a Claim?

Follow the steps given below to make a claim.

  • Make the following information ready with you.
    • Policy number
    • Date and time of accident
    • Location address where loss assessor can survey your vehicle for loss incurred
    • Estimate of loss
    • Details of the driver such as name, driving license information, contact number etc.
    • Contact details of insured person
  • In order to intimate the claim, call customer help desk. You can also fill up intimation sheet and send it to the customer care through email. You can fill up intimation sheet online too and intimate a claim at the company’s website
  • Customer care representative will take your claim intimation and you will be provided with a reference number.
  • Once your claim is registered and surveyor to assess loss is deputed, you will receive a confirmation message including surveyor details.
  • Surveyor will contact you for a convenient time to make the loss survey. When the surveyor comes, provide the necessary documents.
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How to check Status of the claim?

You can check the status of the claim online. Follow the steps given below to check the status.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on the menu option “Claim” displayed on the right of the menu bar.
  3. Click on the link on “Claim Status” displayed under the section “Claims” on left of the page.
  4. Enter your policy number or claim number or registration number in the space provided. Click on the “Submit” button. Your claim status will be displayed immediately.

SGI Customer Support

If you want any help, you ask the customer support. Link for the customer support is provided on the top right of the home page at You can type in your query and provide other details on the sheet provided. You will get prompt reply email regarding it. You can also refer to the FAQ on the website.

SGI has various plans to meet your needs. Choose the right plan according to your requirements. Be insured with SGI, rest assured.

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