Smart Tips to Filing an Auto Insurance Claim to Avoid Rejection

Tips for Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

Here we had given the best Tips for Filing an Auto Insurance Claim. If you drive, there are chances that you cause an accident or an accident caused by someone else bumps into your car and your car is damaged.

If you have car insurance coverage from a reliable insurance provider, you can file a claim with the company to get reimbursement.

The expenses covered depend on the coverage included in your insurance such as bodily injury claims for medical coverage, property damage that covers vehicle repairs, stolen property, etc., comprehensive coverage, etc.

Bodily Injury Claims: If you are not at the fault in the accident and bodily injury takes place, you can get covered by the other driver’s bodily injury liability coverage. In the case of a no-fault state, you may get paid for your injuries through your own personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.

If you have medical payment coverage, it will cover for injuries suffered by your passengers, injuries to you even if you are just walking or riding a bike and a car hits you.

If the motorist is uninsured or underinsured, you will get paid for the injuries through your medical coverage. Liability coverage helps you protect others.

Property Damage Claims: Property damage claims depends upon the cause of damage and the coverage you have. Collision coverage pays for the damage to your vehicle after a collision, whereas comprehensive coverage protects against damages to the car due to non-collision reasons such as theft, vandalism, extreme weather conditions like storms, earthquakes, floods, etc.

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Gap insurance coverage will pay for the difference money if your vehicle is declared a total loss.

As per the survey made by US Census Bureau on American Community, it has been observed that about 90% of workers in the US drive to the workplace. It is likely that an accident may take place and we all know that it is very stressful to be involved in an accident.

You have to be very decisive, take quick action and file a claim at the earliest. Following explained are some basic guidelines about what you have to do, what basic steps you should take, and a list of the information that you must have to provide to make a claim.

Immediate Steps to Take After an Accident

First of all, you check if anybody is injured, if so, call 911 immediately. Share information such as name and contact details, vehicle details, insurance policy, etc. with other drivers. Note details of the damages incurred and take photographs. After that, if you feel necessary you file a report to the police.

If you have any queries or confusion, you can contact your insurer. Once all the preliminary steps are taken, it is of utmost importance that you inform your insurance provider about the accident irrespective of who is at the fault.

Information Required to File a Claim

Information needed to file a claim varies somewhat from insurer to insurer. But you can provide the following standard information before you approach your insurer. The information can include:

  • Your policy number and name as mentioned on your insurance card.
  • Date and time, location, and description of the accident.
  • The other driver’s information as well as information of passengers and witnesses, if any. The information includes name and contact address, phone number, driver’s license, and license plate number, insurance policy number, vehicle details, etc.
  • If you have filed a police report, then provide the report number and name of the police department.
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Your insurance company might ask you for a sworn statement that provides complete details of the accident.

File a Claim

You follow the steps given below in order to file a claim.

1. Case Assignment: You assign your case to a professional at the insurance company to work on your claim.

2. Meet Claims Professional: You meet and discuss your case regarding your coverage with the claims professional.

3. Evaluation of Your Claim: You get an evaluation done by your claims professional that will include an inspection of your car, examining the evidence as well as initial payment.

4. Resolution of the Case: Get your case resolved with an appropriate amount of payments.

5. Closing the case: Once everything is settled, the case is closed.

You might get advised by the insurance company to get temporary fixes done to your car. You have to protect your property and it is recommended to get the fixes while waiting for the permanent repairs.

It is advised that you wait for approval to make permanent repairs as the total expenses may not be reimbursed. You keep bills for medical treatment and car repair handy with you.

Sometimes you might need to hire an attorney who is specialized in handling accident claims in order to expedite the claim processing.

Most insurance companies allow filing a claim online. You can also check the status of the claim online. You just need to register an account with the insurance company provide your identification and policy number and create your user id and password.

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Once registered, you can log in anytime and manage your claim online. The claim process may differ for different insurance companies, you inquire with your insurer.

There is a time limit for filing a claim as well as submitting bills. You make sure that you do need to resolve your case within a specified time limit. If required, you can get an estimate of expenses for repairing of your vehicle.

Probably you will be paid for a rental car while your car is being fixed. If you have any queries, you can always ask your insurer.

If an accident takes place, and any damages done to your car, bodily injury to you or others, or any other property damage, you need to file a claim provided you have the right insurance coverage from a reliable insurance provider.

Follow the guidelines given above, prepare required documents and file a claim within a specified time limit. Rest assured everything will be taken care of. Read more articles on wink24news.

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